5 Amazing Things You Didn’t Know MIUI 5 Can Do

With Xiaomi devices getting popular due to unbeatable budget pricing and tons of features, MIUI is also gaining considerable recognition. However, for many Android users the MIUI interface might be confusing. To ease things up, we have already written an article on 15 features that make MIUI awesome.

Red Mi 14 Custom

After using my Redmi Note 4G for a few days now, I have stumbled upon some interesting settings that can prove useful in everyday use. So let’s have a look at these nifty but handy tricks

Cool Tip: Check out our video on MIUI features and a quick walk-through to see how it’s different from stock Android.

1. Long Press Back Button on Lock Screen for Camera

Depending upon the lock screen theme on your MIUI, most users must have a lock screen shortcut to access the camera directly. But did you know that there’s an even faster option hidden in the MIUI settings?

In the Settings menu, navigate to the Buttons option under the Device settings. Here you can turn on the option that says Long press Back to take photos and save the settings.

Interesting Feature Of Miui 4
Interesting Feature Of Miui 5

So now, whenever you long press the capacitive back button on the lock screen, it will trigger your camera and take a picture of whatever you are pointing to. The camera auto clicks an image within seconds of opening the app, so just make sure you are pointing at the object of focus while pressing the back button.

2. Change Pulse Notification Light Color

MIUI phones display pulse lights when you have notifications regarding a call or a message waiting for you. From these pulse lights, you can easily come to know if it’s an SMS, a call, or just some app notification waiting for you. However, by default, the color for all notifications is blue.

Interesting Feature Of Miui 6
Interesting Feature Of Miui 7

You can change the notification pulse color from the settings menu under Notification Light. Here you can choose up to 7 different colors for calls, messages, and app notifications. Once you set the color for any of them, you will see a sample pulse light notification to show how the color will look. If for some reason you don’t want the feature, you can even disable it completely.

3. Assign Controls to Headphone Buttons

Even if your headphones come with just the volume rockers, you can do more than simply adjust volume with them. Now you can also use them to shuffle your tracks on your MIUI device.

Interesting Feature Of Miui 8
Interesting Feature Of Miui 9

To calibrate the headphones, plug them to the device and open the Headphones settings. Here, select the type of operation you would like your headphone to control and select Assign buttons. Finally, calibrate the volume up and down button and that’s all.

4. Quickly Toggle Between Normal Lock Screen and Music Player

While talking about some amazing features of MIUI, we did point out the superb music player MIUI has and how you can easily activate the lock screen control to access your music in the fastest way possible. Just double tap on the center ring to enter the music mode.

Interesting Feature Of Miui 11
Interesting Feature Of Miui 10

The trick invokes the default player set in MIUI but if you wish to use Google Music Player or any other player you like, it has to be configured in the settings. To do so, open the application settings in MIUI and tap the option to change the default apps. Here, select the music player you would like to use and save the settings.

Interesting Feature Of Miui 12
Interesting Feature Of Miui 1

5. Get Network Speed on Status Bar

With MIUI, you can get your network speed, which gets updated in real-time, on the status bar. The speed is a combined speed of both upload and download and works for Wi-Fi and cellular data. You can activate the option in Settings > Notifications > Show Connection Speed.

Interesting Feature Of Miui 2

The connection speed displayed is in bytes per second instead of the usual bits per second. Next time you are connected to a Wi-Fi network, you can easily monitor your internet connectivity using this counter.


So these were some of the cool things you can do with your MIUI device without installing any third party apps. If you’ve got any additional tricks up your sleeves that you want to share with us, do mention them in the comments.

Last updated on 03 February, 2022

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