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SeriesGuide is the best TV show tracking app for Android. The same can be said for TeeVee 3 and TV Show Tracker 3 on iOS. But if you’re like me and don’t live in the US, you watch TV shows on your computer.

The “download” or streaming of a TV show usually happens via an internet connected computer. A browser, namely Chrome, plays a big part in serving you the content. This means that even if the Android or iOS app notifies you that the latest episode of your favorite TV show has aired, you’re going to watch it on your PC.

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A lot of these apps, TeeVee 3 for instance, don’t show a calendar view, which means it’s very hard to find out about previous episodes. Sometimes I miss a couple of episodes and I need to go to Wikipedia to see where I left off. This process could be better.

I’ve found two Chrome extensions that solve my problems. The first one is a simple TV show tracker, much like a mobile app except it works in a popover window in Chrome. The second is a full-fledged TV show tracker with calendar view, episode descriptions, and even torrent and Chromecast support. So let’s get started.

My Episode Guide

My Episode Guide is a really simple Chrome extension. Once installed, start typing the name of the TV show and click the result to add it to your list.

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Once all the shows are added, My Episode Guide will then display all upcoming shows in a chronological list. You can refresh the list or reorder it but that’s all. The extension refreshes data every two hours by default. You can change that from Options.

As I said, My Episode Guide is very bare-boned. If you’re a TV pro and you watch more than a dozen or so TV shows every week, you’re going to need the next option.


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DuckieTV was created by a guy just like me (except he can code). Who lives outside the US, can’t stream live US TV, and has to depend on alternative means to get his latest Game of Thrones fix.

DuckieTV is in no way beautiful. It doesn’t have sexy transition effects, cover art for every show, or a pleasant GUI. But god is it feature rich and useful. I love it for that.

If you have a profile, you can add that to DuckieTV from settings and all your TV shows will be imported automatically. What’s more, marking an episode as watched will do so for your Trackt profile as well.

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If not, search for your shows and start adding them. Go back once you’re done and here you’ll see the calendar view in all its glory. After seeing many innovative UIs for TV show apps, the calendar month view (there’s also a week view) is still my favorite. You can go back to previous months or jump to the future using the arrow buttons.

Clicking on a show title in the calendar gives you a brief description of the episode. Clicking Episode details gives you a much larger view.

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As I said, DuckieTV is made for the TV fan who doesn’t live in the US. If you’re okay with downloading torrents, DuckieTV will make this easy for you.

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Click an episode, then click Search for a .torrent/magnet and the extension will list available torrents for the episode right there. You can switch between different websites and even sort by quality.

Clicking the magnet link will start the download in your default torrent client.

If you’re using Windows and uTorrent (not that you should), DuckieTV will go further. It will let you control torrents directly from the DuckieTV web view. There’s also support for casting torrents from uTorrent to Chromecast from DuckieTV. But that’s also limited to Windows and is in beta right now – not a stable product.

How Do You Track TV Shows?

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I feel like I’ve found a friend in DuckieTV. It’s like my spirit TV show guide. What about you? How do you track TV shows? Do you use a service like that plugs in to different apps? Let us know in the comments below.

Last updated on 03 February, 2022

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