Top 7 Classy and Funky Cases for iPhone 6


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There are thousands of iPhone cases out there. Everything from dirt cheap to super classy. But which are actually worthy buying? If you’ve got a new iPhone 6 and want to put that baby in a case (either to get a better grip on those curved sides and slippery back or you think it might just save you from Bendgate), check out our recommendations below.

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A case is going to be covering up your iPhone. So it needs to live up to the iPhone design first. That’s not an easy job. It also needs to have enough reason for you to put it on. It shouldn’t just look good, it should be useful and should protect your iPhone as well.

1. Apple Leather Case

Leather Case Apple

One of the best cases for the 6 and 6 Plus comes from Apple itself. No, they’re not cheap – $45 for the iPhone 6 – but they’re worth it. Made by Apple, they fit very well and compliment the iPhone. The leather has a soft feel to it and the Product RED leather case just looks amazing.

2. SurfacePad

Surfacepad 1024X640

SurfacePad is more of a cover, not a case. You stick your iPhone to it using an adhesive. SurfacePad for iPhone 6 ($40) and 6 Plus ($50) covers your iPhone from the front and the back. Unfortunately, this is not going to protect you from drops. It will protect you from light scratches though, all while looking good.

SurfacePad is one of the best looking cases around. And the screen flap even comes with two pockets where you can store your credit card or some emergency cash.

3. Incipio NGP

Tcp 1024X1024

Incipio NGP was Wirecutter’s top pick for an iPhone 6 case. Now that’s a seal of approval I can get behind. NGP is a translucent case that’ll equally show off the new iPhone design while adding a bit of color to your life. At $13 at the time of writing, they’re not expensive either.

4. Spigen Ultra Hybird


Spigen Ultra Hybrid ($25) brings the best of a bumper case and a transparent shell in one design. The bumper side will protect your phone from injuries while the transparent back will show off the iPhone.


5. Speck Products’ CandyShell Case

Candyshell 2 1024X1024

Speck’s CandyShell case ($18) comes in a variety of colors. The purple and green colors are especially loud and funky. The great thing about CandyShell is that unlike other novelty cases, CandyShell is also a great case in itself. It will protect your iPhone from falls and bruises.

6. Dodocase


Dodocase for iPhone 6/6 Plus ($49.99) is very much like the SurfacePad. It covers both sides and the front flap has pockets for storage. The reason it’s in the funky category is because it comes in a couple of different patterns and they’re amazing.

7. Search on Etsy

Tfios I Phone

There are far too many funky iPhone cases to feature here. The best place to get them will be Etsy. Just search for them on the site. Try looking for your favorite band like The Beatles or for quotes from your favorite young-adult book, like The Fault in our Stars and you’ll find a case in no time.

Of course, these cases won’t provide nearly as much protection or comfort as the ones stated above, but you’ll surely be making a statement.

Your Case

What’s your favorite iPhone case? Let us know in the comments below.

Last updated on 03 February, 2022

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