Change Google Now Gestures to Various Useful Actions

On most Android devices that come with the soft navigation key, swiping the home button up is one of the easiest gestures available on the device. However, by default this particular gesture is assigned to Google Now and there’s no direct way to change it. For those who are not fond of Google Now and miss out on using this awesome gesture just because there’s no native setting available in Android to reassign it, today we are going to change that for you.

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As always, there’s an app for that. We have already seen the amazing Rocket Launcher that can launch your frequently used apps by replacing the Google Now launch gesture on your device. Today we are going to talk about another app called Now Gesture Tweaks. This not only helps in launching apps, but also integrates system settings that are most frequently used. So let’s see how the app performs.

Configuring Now Gesture Tweaks

After you install the app, you will not see any interface to configure the initial settings. Only after you activate the Google Now launch gesture will you get the option to replace the gesture with Now Gesture Tweaks. Here, make the selection to launch the app to configure the settings.

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The app comes in both a free and paid version. The free version is just good enough to test the app as the features are very limited. All you can do is launch apps that are installed on your device.

The real potential of the app is uncovered once you buy the premium version, available for just a dollar. The paid version of the app comes with actions like killing background applications, clearing cache, auto rotation, and so much more. Some of the actions might ask for root access.

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In the recent update, the app now gives the option to select multiple actions just in case you can’t make up your mind. When you select the option Multiple Actions, the app will give you a list of actions to select from. Next all you need to do is tap on the actions you wish to see while performing the actions. Finally tap on View/Save list to confirm the selection. Now when you perform the gesture, your designated list of actions will pop up.

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If you don’t use the Google Now gesture and want to disable the action completely, you can select the action None in Now Gesture Launcher. But that would be a complete waste of such an amazing launch gesture that you can use while working on any app.


The Now Gesture Launcher is an amazing app for changing the default Google Now gesture to something useful. But the free version is very limited and going for the pro version is a must if you want to use the real potential of the app. This only costs a dollar, which is cheaper than your morning coffee. So try out the app and execute actions even when you are on another Android app.

Last updated on 03 February, 2022

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