Automate Android Radio Controls to Increase Battery Life

The last three years have been a complete turnaround for mobile technology. We have seen smartphones become as powerful as entry level laptops. The screen size has increased, the processing has become more powerful and free memory is no longer an issue with increased RAM and storage space. We have seen significant development in every sector with the exception of one… the battery. A 6” HD display doesn’t make any difference if a phone can’t hold enough juice to run for even a few hours.

Dying Battery

So until we see a breakthrough from the hardware industry, the software developers are putting their best efforts towards getting the most out of what’s available. We have already seen a couple of battery saving apps for Android in the past and today we are going to talk about an all new app on the Play Store called LeanDroid.

LeanDroid for Android

LeanDroid is a simple battery saving app that takes care of your Wi-Fi and mobile data while you are not using the phone. In my experience, 3G and Wi-Fi drain a lot of juice from the device even when the phone is put in sleep mode with no one using it. The phone continues to contact the servers of many apps running in the background. And then when you really want to use your device, it turns out that you are hardly left with any battery.

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After you install LeanDroid, you can set your phone to disable Wi-Fi and 3G data after the screen is off for 10 mins. The time can be changed by the user by simply tapping on the 10 mins and setting the new time. The one thing that changes in LeanDroid that is not found in most other apps is the exception settings. In this app you can override the option to disable the data or the Wi-Fi based on certain conditions.

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Once you tap on the Except button, you will see a list of rules you can activate to keep the connections running even while the phone is in sleep mode. These options can be really helpful when you have apps or torrents downloading in the background, or when you are tethering or charging the device. However, most of these options are locked and can be unlocked by an in-app purchase of $1.49.

Leandroid 41

The data and Wi-Fi can be automatically re-enabled when you turn on the device or unlock it. However the app gives the option to reconnect at certain intervals for a brief moment just so that you don’t lose your incoming notifications.

By default the app is configured to reconnect every 60 minutes for 60 seconds. But the time can be configured as per your needs. You can set the night mode where syncing data periodically won’t make much of a difference to you.

Leandroid 12


So that was how you can use LeanDroid to save your Android’s battery while you are not using it. We have seen related apps in the past, but LeanDroid comes with the option to set additional constraints before turning off the data or Wi-Fi on the device. So try out the app and let us know if it prolonged the battery life of your Android.

Last updated on 03 February, 2022

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