C Locker Review: A Flexible Custom Android Lock Screen

Just recently I talked about an Android app called C Notice that can give you floating popup notifications from all the apps installed on your Android. A real bliss for users on large screen Android devices. After reviewing the app, I was looking at some other apps from the developer and found yet another interesting app called C Locker, which can help you customize your lock screen to do much more than just unlocking the screen.

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The app’s developer, astoncheah, maintains a C series of applications where the C stands for both Convenience and Customization. And after using C Locker I can really see what the developer meant. So let’s get started and have a look at this simple yet customization friendly lock screen app for Android.

C Locker for Android

Once you download and launch C Locker on your droid, you will have to activate it. After that the app will automatically set up on your device. C Locker will show you a flashing information icon at the top to help you set up all the modules of the locker easily. When you click on it, you can easily set the options one after another. It will also explain why exactly each of these modules help the functionality of the app.

C Locker 4
C Locker 3

By default you will get an unlock button on the lock screen, which can be dragged to one of the many actions available on the ring. Now, talking about the customization, you can edit these actions and also set profiles. This allows you to do more than ever before. For example, if your music player doesn’t support lock screen widgets, C Locker can still be customized to have those actions on the lock screen. You could also set a widget on the home screen that you can access directly.

C Locker 5
C Locker 6

As for visual customization, C Locker gives the option to change the lock screen wallpaper, hide the status bar, set the light dimming level and also edit the unlock animation. In the security, the app gives all the options necessary for secured controls. Users can set a PIN lock to block unauthorized entry into the device.

C Locker 8
C Locker 7

Note: If you are getting multiple lock screens on your device, you can turn off the default system lock screen from the C Locker security settings.

If you have root access on your device, you can install the app as a system app and get some additional features like masking the status bar alerts or hiding them completely. Finally, other additional options you can tinker with are delayed lock, unlock sound, and vibration settings.


So that was pretty much everything about C Locker. The initial configurations of the app might be confusing for a few users, but once you get it done initially and start using it, I am sure you will really love your new lock screen with all the new customization features you get with it. So try out the app and let us know what you think about it.

Last updated on 03 February, 2022

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