How To Add Background Wallpaper To Google Homepage

Himanshu Yadav

Important UPDATE: Google has discontinued this feature and you cannot directly add a background wallpaper to Google anymore. However, we have covered certain workarounds using which you can get back that feature. Check that article by clicking here ->How to Get Back Google Background Image on Chrome and Firefox.

Google recently rolled out background image feature (see the update above). There is nothing innovative in Google’s move as they simply copied the most striking feature of Microsoft Bing (btw, you can check out Bing theme pack and wallpaper collection ). Having said that, I love this feature because now, I longer need to hop on to Bing frequently to check those tempting background wallpapers.

This feature is only available on currently. If you try to open a local version of Google, for example, then you won’t find those settings. So first switch to Click on the link given below the search box as shown in the screenshot below.

google india homepage

You are now on Don’t confuse with the beta tag in the screenshot below as I am using https version of Google. Now click on “Add a background image” link.

google background wallpaper

It will redirect you to the login page. Enter your Google login credentials ( you may also use your Gmail account login details ).

google sign in

A dialog box will appear displaying a public gallery of images. You can choose any wallpaper in the gallery. Also you can select wallpapers from “Editor’s picks” section.

google background wallpapers

On the left side, click on “From my computer” tab. Now select the image from your computer. Note that size of image should be same as size of Google’s homepage. You’ll get the best result. This image will be added to your Picasa Drop Box folder.

google background images

Given below is the added background image.

google homepage background

Note: Whenever you’ll login with your Google account on different computer, a link will appear saying “Wallpaper the Google homepage”. Click on it to get the background you have set by following the above steps. You don’t need to add background again and again on different computers.

That’s how you can add custom wallpaper / image to Google. Let us know what you think of this feature.

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