Simpler Contacts for Android: A Great Alternative Contacts App

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Contacts, the simple way. Image by BrAt82 via Shutterstock.

Even though Android L is limited to about 0.1 to 0.2% of available Android devices so far, the Material Design apps are becoming popular. Thanks to the amazing developer community, a user can install third party apps to get the amazing experience of Material Design on some basic apps like Calendar and Messages without even upgrading to Lollipop.

We have already talked about True Dialer, an app based upon the Material Design specifications laid out by Google, but many users might have privacy issues with it. So today I am going to talk about yet another contact manager and dialer app, called the Simpler Contacts + Dialer, which supports the all new design guidelines and adds amazing features to make it one of the best contact managers available on the Play Store right now. Let’s install the app and see some of the best things about it.

Simpler Contacts for Android

The app starts with finding duplicate contacts on your device and linking them based upon the matching fields. This feature comes in handy when you have multiple accounts configured on your Android as a source of contacts and there are duplicates among them. Once it deals with all the duplicates, the app will take you to the custom contacts tab.

Simpler Contact Manager 10

As mentioned, the app sports material design, which means the dialer button is located at the bottom-right section of the screen. You can search your contacts using the search button or bring up the dialer and use the traditional T9 searching if you are more comfortable with it. The transition is very smooth and there is no lag.

Simpler Contact Manager 2
Simpler Contact Manager 5

The section on the right of the contact list is the recent call log – nothing much to talk about here. The tab on the left includes the most contacted, recently contacted, and the favorites in your phone book. The app automatically reads your existing call logs and populates the data in the favorites tab. If you have your contacts’ images updated in your phone book, this section looks amazing.

Simpler Contact Manager 4
Simpler Contact Manager 1

If you ask me, I prefer the favorites page to be the default tab that shows up when the app is launched. The configuration can be changed from the app’s settings.

You can also change what happens when a contact is tapped – which, by default, is set to call the contact. The app supports a dark theme and can be used by devices on AMOLED screens to save some battery (not much though). However the default blue color of the app is the only available option and cannot be changed from the settings.

Simpler Contact Manager 6
Simpler Contact Manager 9

Not Just a Dialer, But a Contact Backup Manager

The app also has contact backup features that can be accessed from the sidebar. Once the backup is performed, the contacts can either be saved on the device’s SD card or exported to your email. These contacts can later be restored easily if required.

Yet another interesting feature of the app is the multiple account support and the intelligent sorting of the contacts. You can hide contacts from any of the configured accounts if required and it automatically filters out the contacts that don’t have any names or contact numbers associated with them.

Simpler Contact Manager 7
Simpler Contact Manager 8


So that was pretty much everything about Simpler Contacts and the best thing is that the app is free without any limitations or ads. All the features mentioned are available for every user and it never asks to upgrade to access any of these. At least as of now.

How do you manage your contacts? Let us know.

Last updated on 03 February, 2022

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