Top 20 iOS Productivity Apps On Sale This Black Friday

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Happy Thanksgiving Guiding Tech readers! Now that you’ve had your Thanksgiving dinner and vowed never to eat again, it’s time for the Black Friday weekend. The most dreaded shopping weekend of all year.

If you’re not the kind of person who rushes out on Black Friday to get the best deal on electronics, we have something you’re going to like. Why not buy awesome apps for iPhone and iPad. The apps we’ve picked below were already more than worth it at their original price. The discounted prices just makes it better.

Below we’ve featured the best productivity, entertainment and camera apps that are deeply discounted.

Note: The apps featured here are on sale through the Thanksgiving weekend, meaning midnight on 30th November, 2014. But some apps can end the promotion sooner than that. So verify the prices before you click on that Buy button. And even if you find them to be not on sale anymore, you could consider buying them because these apps are awesome!

1. Fantastical 2

Fantastical 1
Fantastical 2

Fantastical 2 is the calendar app for humans. Its best feature is natural language calendar-ing. So you can type in Meeting with Joe at 2 PM on Thursday at Cafe Bistro and the app will extract all the relevant information like the time, date and put it all in your calendar. Doesn’t get easier than this. The iPhone and iPad apps are discounted to $2.99 and $4.99, each down from $4.99 and $9.99.

Download Fantastical 2 for iPhone and iPad

2. iA Writer

I A 1
I A 2

iA Writer is a minimalist markdown writing app for iPhone and iPad. The universal app that runs on both iPhone and iPad used to be $4.99, it’s now $2.99.

Download iA Writer

3. Dispatch

Dispatch 2
Dispatch 1

Dispatch is the hot new email app for the iPhone that turns your email into a to-do list. This helps you clear out your inbox much faster. The app only supports IMAP based email services like Gmail, Yahoo, iCloud and more. Used to be $4.99, it’s now $2.99.

Download Dispatch

4. Downcast

Downcast 1
Downcast 2

Downcast is one of the most customizable podcast clients for the iPhone and iPad. For just $0.99 (down from $2.99), it’s hard to give it a pass.

Download Downcast

5. GoodReader

Good Reader 1

GoodReader is one of the best PDF readers for the iPhone and iPad. You can annotate PDFs, highlight stuff and a lot more. Read our review here. The universal app used to be $4.99, it’s now $0.99.

Download GoodReader

6. PDF Expert 5

Pdf Expert 5 1

PDF Expert 5 is like GoodReader but on steroids. It supports many cloud services, highlight, editing and signing features. Used to be $9.99, it’s now $6.99.

Download PDF Expert 5

7. Grafio


Grafio is the new mapping kid on the block. You can use the app to draw mind maps, graphs, charts etc. At 10 dollars it made for a really great purchase for a data visualization app. At $2.99, it becomes a no brainer.

Download Grafio

8. Launch Center Pro

Lcp 1
Lcp 2

Launch Center Pro lets you quickly launch custom actions. It can be sending a tweet, calling someone or saving text to another app. There’s a lot Launch Center Pro can do. A lot. The discounted price, $2.99 (from $4.99) is a good starting point.

Download Launch Center Pro

9. TextExpander 3

Textexpander 3 1
Textexpander 3 2

TextExpander 3 comes with its own custom keyboard. With the app you can customize shortcuts for long phrases. For example TYVM becomes Thank you very much and more. Used to be $4.99, it’s now $0.99.

Download TextExpander 3

10. Screens VNC


Screens is the remote desktop app for the pros. Used to be $19.99, it’s now $9.99.

Download Screens VCN

11. Gist – News Summaries

Gist intelligently generates summaries for news stories from around the world so you don’t need to read as much. Used to be $1.99, it’s now $0.99.

Download Gist

12. Write for iPhone and iPad

Write 1
Write 2

I’ve written in detail about the Write Mac app (which is also discounted for $9.99 to $4.99) before. It’s the app I’m currently using to write this article. The companion apps for the iPhone and iPad are discounted to $0.99 each. The iOS apps have really cool formatting features, an extra toolbar for Markdown shortcuts and cursor to quickly move around the text.

Write is minimal and feature rich at the same time. Worth the $0.99 asking price and then some.

Download Write for iPhone and iPad

13. iTranslate Voice

Itranslate 2
Itranslate 1

iTranslate Voice is the pro version of iTranslate. It can translate what you speak on the fly to many different languages. Used to be $4.99, it’s now $1.99.

Download iTranslate Voice

14. Printer Pro

Printer Pro 2
Printer Pro 1

Printer Pro lets you easily print documents, email attachments and web pages, right from your iOS device. Used to be $6.99, it’s now $4.99.

Download Printer Pro

15. Plex

Plex 2
Plex 1

The iPhone and iPad apps for Plex are a great way to stream movies and TV shows stored on your Mac/PC via the free Plex Server app.Used to be $4.99, it’s now $1.99.

Download Plex

16. FX Photo Studio

Fx 1
Fx 2

FX Photostudio takes the art of adding filters and editing photos on your iPhone to a whole new level. You get pro level control over adding effects and a lot more. Used to be $2.99, it’s now $0.99.

Download FX Photo Studio

17. Camera Plus

Camera Plus 1
Camera Plus 2

The latest Camera Plus update added remote trigger feature. So you can pair two phones running the app and use one to take the photo and another as a remote shutter button. Neat ha? Used to be $1.99, it’s now $0.99.

Download Camera Plus

18. TeeVee 3

Teevee 3 1
Teevee 3 2

TeeVee 3 is my TV show tracker of choice. It’s certainly not the most feature rich but it looks really cool and has a useful Notification Center widget. The best part is that the universal app is available for free right now (from $2.99).

Download TeeVee 3

19. Over

Over 2
Over 1

Over lets you write over photos. You can even use the app to create cool looking posters. Used to be $0.99, it’s now free.

Download Over

20. Halftone 2

Halftone 1
Halftone 2

Halftone 2 is a unique app. It lets you create comic books from the photos you take (our review here). Used to be $1.99, it’s now $0.99

Download Halftone 2

Your Suggestions

The above list is not meant to be exhaustive. If you think we missed a really sweet deal, let us know in the comments below.

Last updated on 03 February, 2022

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