Top 13 iOS Games On Sale This Black Friday Weekend

So, the Thanksgiving weekend is here. That means spending time with relatives you haven’t seen in a year. It can get pretty boring. Not if you have your iPhone or iPad with you though. Games, especially puzzle, racing or story based games are a great way to pass the time when you’re not allowed to do anything else. Also, they are just fun.

As this is the Black Friday weekend, like everything else, iOS games are also on sale. A lot of them actually. If you don’t want to spend hours looking at reviews of games, comprehending which game to spend your money on, look no further.

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Below, I’ve highlighted 12 games (and embedded trailers) that are guaranteed to provide long lasting entertainment. And the fact that almost all of them are discounted 50% or more is just the icing on the cake turkey.

Note: The games featured here are on sale through the Thanksgiving weekend, meaning until midnight on 30th November, 2014. But some apps can end the promotion sooner than that. So verify the prices before you click on that Buy button. And if you are reading this after the sale has ended, well, some of this games are worth buying at their full prices too. So no harm in exploring I’d say.

1. Thomas Was Alone

Thomas was alone is an indie puzzle platformer know for its narrative. Used to be $5.99, it’s now $2.99.

Download Thomas Was Alone

2. Badland

Badland is one of my favorite side scrolling games. It’s beautiful and challenging at the same time. Used to be $3.99, it’s now $0.99.

Download Badland

3. Duet Game

Speaking of beautiful and challenging, meet Duet. The game I’m currently trying to beat. Duet is a stage based puzzle game where you get two dots that you can move only in circles. The challenge, is of course, to avoid the obstacles. One of the best things about Duet is the brilliant soundtrack by Tim Shiel (which you can download by paying what you want). Used to be $2.99, it’s now $0.99.

Download Duet

4. Blek

Blek is an “imaginative” puzzle game. Meaning there’s no one way to solve a puzzle. The game begins pretty simply, all you need to do is draw a line and collect the dots, but it gets really challenging once you hit the 25th level. Used to be $2.99, it’s now $0.99.

Download Blek

5. Superbrothers: Sword & Sworcery EP

Superbrothers is another indie game with the focus on narrative and storyline instead of the gameplay. It’s also beautiful. The universal app has been discounted to $1.99.

Download Superbrothers: Sword & Sworcery EP


ALONE is a space based puzzle game. Used to be $1.99, it’s now $0.99.

Download ALONE

7. Tomb Raider I

Tomb Raider I brings the classic game character Lara Croft to your iOS device. Used to be $2.99, it’s now $0.99.

Download Tomb Raider I

8. 9mm

9mm is Gameloft’s attempt at creating a GTA type game for iOS devices. It’s not the best thing out there but at $0.99, it seems tempting.

Download 9mm

9. Prince of Persia: The Shadow and the Flame

Prince of Persia: The Shadow and the Flame brings another classic game character to the small screen. The game has good graphics and bring Assassins Creed style gameplay to the small screen.Used to be $2.99, it’s now $0.99.

Download Prince of Persia: The Shadow and the Flame

10. Rayman Jungle Run

Rayman Jungle Run is a wonderful side scrolling game. The game mechanics, effects and sounds are very pleasing. Used to be $2.99, it’s now $0.99.

Download Rayman Jungle Run


It’s the official TETRIS game for iPhone. It’s discounted to $0.99. Do I need to say anything more?

Download TETRIS

12. Real Racing 2 (HD)

Real Racing 2 has not been updated since 2012 and Real Racing 3 has already been released. But I still prefer Real Racing 2. The app has good graphics and really good handling. Plus, unlike RR3, you don’t need for wait for a couple of minutes after the race. There’s no in-app purchase con going on here. Real Racing for iPhone and Real Racing HD for iPad are both discounted to $0.99 from $4.99.

Download Real Racing and Real Racing HD

13. Pako – Car Chase Simulator

Pako is a mad car chase game. You’re given a car in which you can only control the steering, not the speed or brakes. You’re put up a closed area with a bad handling car and police chasing you. The retro graphics with bright colors look really good. And game restart times are really fast. All in all, it’s a fun, time killing game. Used to be $1.99, it’s now $0.99.

Download Pako

Your Suggestions

The above list is not meant to be exhaustive. If you think we missed a really sweet deal, let us know in the comments below.

Last updated on 03 February, 2022

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