How To Batch Down­load Flickr Pho­tos Using Bulkr

Himanshu Yadav

We talked about batch uploading photos to Flickr using Flickr Uploadr. But this tool doesn’t let you the reverse process, i.e. batch download Flickr photos to your computer. If you need that then you would require a tool known as Bulkr.

This tool can backup your entire Flickr photo-stream. It provides you an option to download photos in 6 different sizes. It also downloads important photo metadata such as title and tags.You could download up to 500 photos in bulk using this tool.

The tool runs on Adobe AIR platform. At the first run you need to connect it to your Flickr account. Here are the steps.

Click on “Connect to Flickr” button.

batch download flickr photos

Authenticate to Flickr dialog box appears. Click “Authorize”.

bulkr flickr authentication

You’ll be immediately redirected to your Flickr account in your default browser. Sign in with your credentials. Click “Next” button given on the right.

flickr download photos

The next screen will show you the permissions for Bulkr. Click “OK, I’LL AUTHORIZE IT” button.

bulkr flickr batch download photos

After clicking the button, return back to the application. Click “Complete authorization”.

flickr authentication

After completing authentication, click on “Let’s get started!”.

flickr authentication

The application displays how many photos you have on your Flickr account. If you want to backup all of them then click on “Backup your Photostream” button.

flickr bulkr backup photos

It gives you an option to choose the size of images. You can select between thumbnail, small, medium, large and original. Also you can select the location of file to download. After that click on “Start Download” button.

bulkr download option

It will take some time to download all the images. It also depends upon your internet speed and the number of images to download.

How to download Flickr photos of any user in bulk

This tool also provides you an option to download images of any Flickr user, provided those images fall under creative commons category. Click on the Flickr tab given at the top.

bulk download flickr photos

Now click on User tab.

bulkr user

In the given box you’ll see the Flickr user stream of a random person. Replace the username with the Flick user’s profile url and click on Browse.

flickr stream

It will show all the creative common images of users. You can download them by selecting them. Also you could preview images one by one by clicking on + symbol on the image. Select “All” and click on “Download” button to download all the images on the current page.

flickr download photos

This way you can download Flickr photos in bulk. Tell us if you know about any other way of bulk downloading Flickr photos.

Download Bulkr to download Flickr photos in bulk.

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