How to Add Extra Bookmarks Toolbars in Firefox

Himanshu Yadav

The bookmark toolbar in Firefox is quite useful if you visit certain sites everyday. You could group them in a folder and then access them quickly when required. You could also open all of them at once by right-clicking on the folder and clicking on “Open All in Tabs”.

While it is easy to add bookmarks to the toolbar in Firefox, there is no direct way to extend the toolbar. So that means creating another bookmarks toolbar just below the default one isn’t simple.

Here is a screenshot of my Firefox bookmarks toolbar. As you can see, I’ve got various folders which contain a number of bookmarks, and honestly, one bookmarks toolbar isn’t enough for me. I need more visible rows instead of the drop-down menu at the end.

firefox bookmark toolbar

Firefox extension Multirow Bookmarks Toolbar solves this problem. Install this addon on your browser and restart it. After browser restart, you’ll see three rows of bookmarks toolbars. You can access all the bookmarks on a toolbar instead of using the drop down menu at the end.

multirow bookmark toolbar

In Firefox, go to Tools-> Add-ons. Click on MultirowBookmarkToolbar “Options” button.

firefox addons bookmarks toolbar

In the option panel, you can enable or disable the toolbar. Also, you can customize the number of rows.

multirow bookmark option

If you choose more than 2 rows to display then you’ll get a scrollbar at the right end to access all the rows. So it doesn’t eat up your screen real estate either.

multirow bookmark scrollbar

Download Multirow Bookmarks Toolbar Firefox Add-on to add extra bookmarks toolbar and access frequently used bookmarks quickly.

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