Weekly Roundup: Rescue Time, Dexpot, Wizmouse And More

Here’s a quick round-up of last week at Guiding Tech. Last week we’ve covered some nice tools, Firefox addon and some nice how tos.

How To Replace OpenDNS Search With Google In Firefox Address Bar

This is an extension of our OpenDNS guide which can help you to resolve Firefox address bar, search related issues.

Dexpot is a Very Effective Virtual Desktop Manager

A very unique desktop manager having tons of features. If you are planning to buy new monitor for setting up multiple monitor environment then try Dexpot first.

How To Force Chrome, Firefox And Internet Explorer To Start In Private Browsing Mode

Private mode or safe mode gives you secret environment of work. You browser cannot record any data, history, cookies. A step by step guide to force all the major browsers to get start in private browsing mode.

Use RescueTime Add-ons For Firefox & Chrome For Tracking Time & Productivity

Are you too much involved in Social media activities or playing online games? No problem. Now there is a chrome and Firefox extension which can track the time you spend on those sites and display a detail stats to you on demand.

How to Use Syncback to Backup, Sync & Restore Data

Previously we told you about Syncback how to sync files and folders between computer and external drive using Syncback. This post describes the method to take backup of computer data on any external drive.

Wizmouse Lets You Scroll On Any Window Without Clicking On It

Tired of clicking on application window before scrolling it? This tool makes the process simpler by allowing you to just hover your mouse before scrolling any window. No need to click on it.

Last updated on 02 February, 2022

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