Use Cl1P To Quickly Copy Paste Data Between Two Computers is a nice web app which lets you copy and paste data between two computers easily and quickly. By using this app you can transfer both plain text and rich text. Transferring data is a three step process.

  • Enter a URL that starts with For example
  • Paste the text in the box given on right side.
  • Open the same URL ( in this case) on any other computer.

The tool can also encrypt the data with a password, and offers a nice browser bookmarklet.

Here’s a guide to perform the steps.

1. Open

2. At the bottom of the page, you’ll see the box having inside it.

Cl1P Neturl

3. Type any random text into it. Since the service is new, therefore chances are high that you’ll get the link of your choice. For example I typed abcd in the box and the link looks like Now click the “Show my cl1p” button.

Cl1P Neturl2

4. It will redirect you to the page where you can copy your text inside it. Write any text or copy some text in the given space. You can also type the link. You need to switch to clickable mode (explained below) for making your link clickable.

Click “Save” button. The text will be saved. This data will be available at cl1p servers for 7 days. You can extend the time period for up to 9 months.

Clip Net

5. On the right you’ll find many small buttons. Every button gives you some unique options.

  • Type: Select between Plain and rich text.
  • Options: Give page title, password (for making your page secure), email for lost password.
  • Size: Select the size of area where you can write your text. You can select up to 60 rows.
  • Edit: Click on this button to toggle between edit mode and link mode.
  • Print: Easily print the text.
  • Extras: Bookmarklet for the current cl1p. Drag it on your browser bookmark bar. Click on it to open the current clip.

Cl1P Net

Now open this URL on a different computer.The same data will appear on the other computer.


Check out to copy paste data between two computers instantly.

Last updated on 02 February, 2022

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