True Dialer Review: Android Dialer That Integrates True Caller

A missed call from an unknown number on my droid always leaves me in a state of dilemma. With so many telemarketing calls that come in, I am always reluctant to call back and hence stand the chance of ignoring people calling with genuine reasons. Exactly why I started using the Truecaller app, an app that gives you a caller ID for unknown numbers most of the time. But again, switching apps just to find out who’s calling me started bothering me soon.

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The team behind the amazing Truecaller app has come up with a phone dialer called Truedialer for Android, which integrates the power of Truecaller. True Dialer gives an amazing user experience and also tips you off about the unknown callers in your call log. So let’s see how the app works and what makes it different from the rest.

Truedialer for Android

Once you install the app, it will verify your number and ask you to create an account with Truecaller. I guess that’s the way the company maintains its database. After you create the account, you can start using the app.

The app’s interface follows the Material Design standards from Google. If you have any unknown numbers in the call log, the app will automatically look them up and provide you with the search results. It will also tell you about spam and marketing calls from the crowdsourced database.

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The app supports swipe actions, and you can swipe on the dial pad to get the full QWERTY keyboard and search for contacts. Tap on the top search bar to search though your contacts. It also supports the T9 contact search for easier lookup. The field to enter phone numbers can be cleared by just a swipe to the left. Swiping left on a contact from the call log will open the full contact info, while swiping to the right will open messaging. You can also set speed dial contacts to save time.

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The unknown contacts identified using the Truedialer can be directly saved. After opening the contact overview, tap the three dotted menu and select the option Add to contacts.

The best part is, all the fields will be pre-filled, so you only need to tap the save button. The app is not fully independent across all functionalities, so if you get a missed call, you will have to go back to the default dialer app to view the log.

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Truedialer 3.0 Update

In the updated version of Truedialer 3.0, the developers have added the feature to search for local business and people who have shared their information with the public. So let’s say you want to call a restaurant for booking the table, you can directly search for them in the Truedialer.

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There’s swipe functionality and swiping to right on a contact will open its info page and left would open the SMS compose screen. It now supports dual-SIM mode. There’s a dark theme that looks great apart from the usual blue and white theme.

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Some Strings Attached

The app gathers its data from the crowdsourced database and with this app installed on your device, it can easily upload your contacts to the pool. Now, there might be some privacy issues that you’re concerned about. But hey, you give some you get some, right? If you want to be especially thorough, here’s the link to their Privacy Policy page.


So if you are not afraid to share your call log data in order to identify an unknown caller’s ID while making and receiving calls, go ahead and install True Dialer. The app is smooth and provides a rich user experience along with a feature that everyone loves. This way, you can always know who’s calling.

Last updated on 03 February, 2022

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