How to Stream and Play Android Games on Your Windows PC

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Have you ever wondered how Android HD games like Asphalt and Modern Combat would look when you play them on your laptop or desktop screen? Well, if you have a rooted Android device, today is your lucky day.

I am going to talk about an amazing app that lets you stream audio and video from your device to your computer. Also, the app doesn’t depend on a server – it emulates the Android screen in a web browser. Therefore, you can use the trick on any platform, and a modern day browser is all you need to open the host IP.

Using Weak Control for Android

Weak Control is pretty simple. Install the app and configure the settings you would like for the stream. When everything is in place, just start the service. You will be asked to grant root permission to the app.

Weak Control Settings 2
Weak Control Settings 1

Now open your favorite browser on the computer and go to the IP that’s displayed in the app. Finally, type in the generated PIN and enjoy control over your Android device right from your computer. You can type using your keyboard and make touch gestures using the mouse pointer.

So after you have made yourself familiar with the app, let’s see some of the amazing uses you can put Weak Control to.

The Amazing Weak Control

Play HD Android Games on PC

With Weak Control, you can stream and play all the HD Android games on your big screen monitor. You can use your device as an accelerometer gamepad and play games like Asphalt and Modern Combat without any lag. What makes the experience even better is the sound that streams from your computer speakers.

Weekcontrol 1

Cool Tip: Press the F11 key on your browser to enjoy the games in full screen.

Stream Videos and Music from your Computer Speakers

If you have some HD videos and music on your droid, you can easily stream them to your computer. That’s easier than moving the entire file to the computer hard drive using a cable or Wi-Fi.

Control Android using a PC

If you use an Android dock in your office while working, with Week Control you will be able to control your droid using your computer. As the app features keyboard and mouse control, you can read and reply to incoming messages without even disturbing your Android.


The free version is only good for testing purposes because of the ads that pop up at regular intervals. Also, the connection will be interrupted with splash banners on the browser and you will have to wait before you can reconnect. The paid version of the app can be purchased for $4.99. It removes all the ads and limitations.

Final Word

I have tested the app on two of my droids. While my Samsung Note 10.1 delivered every promised feature, the Xperia Z had some problems while streaming sound. The app is pretty new for now and I am sure more devices and ROMs will be compatible with it in the near future. But till then, let’s enjoy our Android HD games on big screen monitors. Don’t forget to share your experience.

Last updated on 03 February, 2022

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