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Float Notes

Note taking has usually been an integral part of our lives. Be it paper stickies or note taking apps. We rely on them to remind us about important details at the right time. Now we all know about most of the famous note taking apps out there like the Evernote and Google Keep, which take care of almost all our needs when it comes to writing and maintaining notes.

However, last week I came across another note taking app on the Play Store that made me realize even the best apps aren’t perfect. FloatNote is a floating note taking app for Android, but what’s different is that it triggers itself when someone is calling you. The note is there to remind you about anything important you need to discuss with that specific contact.

For example, I often think of little things to share with my parents, but tend to forget them when I am actually talking to them. With FloatNote you can add the notes when it strikes your mind and it will automatically pop up the next time you are on a call, and remind you about what you needed to say.

FloatNote for Android

After you install FloatNote, you can start maintaining notes for specific contacts that are already saved in your phonebook, or just import the number from the call log.

The app follows the Material Design layout and navigation is pretty smooth. In the free version, you can maintain up to 5 different notes with a character limit of 30 for each note. The pop up notes will automatically appear when you are calling any number and it will stay on the screen the whole time and also for few moments after the call. This way you can take notes directly after or while taking the call.

Float Note 2
Float Note 3

If you don’t want these floating notes to appear all the time, you can choose specific contacts for which the note is preset.  In settings, you can also adjust how long the note takes to close after the call, which cannot exceed 5 seconds, unless it’s set to never. To manually close a floating note, just hold and drag it to the close button on the screen, just like the floating chat heads for Facebook.

Float Note 1
Float Note 4

Now coming to the pricing; the free version, as I already mentioned, has a 5 note limitation. There are ways you can get up to 8 free notes by referrals and rating. To get additional notes with reduced limitations, there are packages that you can buy using the in-app purchases.

Float Note 5
Float Note 6

Cool Tip: You can use the app to remind yourself about which numbers are from marketing companies that constantly call you. This way, you can ignore them directly.


So that was all about the FloatNote app and how you can use it to remind yourself about important stuff while making calls. There are a lot of situations where you might find the app useful. So do try it out and tell us some of the ideas that come to mind. We would love to hear your input!

Last updated on 03 February, 2022

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