Make Rooted Android 4.0+ Phone Look Like Android Lollipop

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So Android L 5.0 is officially called Lollipop. That’s not the name I would have picked but then again, I don’t work for Google. Thankfully, there’s a lot to look forward to in Lollipop. Including a whole new design language, much faster performance, and the promise of smooth scrolling (finally).

But this is Android. Lollipop is out now for Nexus devices and should be available soon for Motorola and the higher end HTC phones. But that still leaves out hundreds of Android handsets. You’re basically left to the mercy of the manufacturer or your carrier when it comes to updates.

So while you probably can’t yet bask in the glory of all things Lollipop, there’s a way to fake it. Hey, fake it till you make it, right? Lollipop is a visual change. And if the look is what you’re after, you can get it by changing the launcher, icons, fonts, boot animation and the keyboard. Some of that stuff requires you to be rooted but if you’re here, I assume you’re already rooted and ready to go.

1. Lollipop Keyboard (No Root Required)

Dsc 0896

This is the easiest one to install. The Lollipop keyboard doesn’t require you to flash a zip. It’s just an APK that can be installed as long has you have Unknown Sources enabled from Privacy section in Settings.

Download the APK and install it. Open the app and follow the tutorial to enable the keyboard. The important part is to go to the Lollipop Keyboard app after it’s enabled and switch to Material Design Light/Dark theme from the Appearance or else the keyboard is just going to look like the pre-Lollipop update.

2. Download And Set Up The Wallpapers

Wp Arc 003

With a new release of Android comes sweet new wallpapers. Check out all the available Lollipop wallpapers here.

3. Get The Android 5.0 Camera APK

Android Lollipop’s Camera app looks and works much like the Google Camera app we’ve talked about before. It’s also available as a downloadable APK file. While root access is not necessary to use the app, users are reporting frequent crashes on non-rooted devices.

4. Google Now Launcher 5.0 (Root Needed)

If you’ve been using the Google Now Launcher on your phone, this won’t be a big change for you. Download the zip file and flash it via the recovery of your choice.

After flashing the zip I did get the updated launcher with the new white Google Search bar but it seemed buggy. Also, the sweet new icons from Lollipop were not included in the package. Multiple mirrors for the updated Google Now Launcher are available here.

5. Google Play Store 5.0

The Google Play Store has been updated to version 5.0 with a flat look and material design. If you’ve not received the update yet, download the APK from here.

6. Try The New Roboto Fonts

Android L Font
Top vs bottom. Old vs new.

Related: If you’re rooted, here’s an easy way to install hundreds of free fonts on your Android system.

The Roboto font in Lollipop got a slight update. It’s a bit sharper now. While the differences are not immediately clear, the subtle upgrades make the new fonts much better to read. Download the flashable zip from here.

When Do You Think Your Device Will Get The Lollipop Update?

Let’s play the classic Android update game. Guess how long it will take for your phone to get the Lollipop update in the comments below.

Last updated on 03 February, 2022

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