How to Root Most Sony Xperia Series Devices Easily

For a while I never had root access on my Xperia Z. Well, I never really wanted it until I got the 4.3 update from Sony. The latest update had some bugs that were causing a lot of battery drain due to the Google Play Services whenever location services were turned on.


Now I did try everything that a normal user would have, but all that was in vain. So finally I had no choice but to look for root access for advanced power saving options. So today I am going to share how you can root most Xperia devices running on Android 4.3.

Note: The method discussed works on most Xperia devices. However, rooting a device always has risks involved. So basically, if things don’t go as planned, you’re on your own.

Rooting Your Device using Towelroot

Step 1: Open Android’s settings and turn on Enable Unknown Sources under the security menu. This will allow you to install third party apps using an APK file from your SD card. Next, go to Developer Options and check Enable USB debugging.

Rooting Xperia Z 1
Rooting Xperia Z 4

Step 2: Having done that, download and install the Towelroot app on the device you would like to root. On the website, click on the Lamda sign and download the APK file on your computer. If you download a file with any other extension like TXT or XIP, rename it to APK and then install it.

Download Lamda

Step 3: Now simply run the app and tap the button that says make it ra1n. If your device is supported, the app will simply root your device and give you a notification. If your device reboots, it means that the device can’t be rooted.

Rooting Xperia Z 2

Step 4: You will have to download SuperSU to manage root permissions for the apps you install on your device. You can download it from the chainfire website. In the Zip file, navigate to Common folder and install Superuser.apk. Once you install the app, it will update the binaries. If it gives you an error that says “Failed to update”, reboot your phone and try again.

Rooting Xperia Z 3

If Towelroot Fails

If the above method fails, you can try the Easy Root Tool, which claims to work on many Xperia Devices. Just make sure you complete Step 1 mentioned above and plug in your device on to your Windows based computer. Now download the file and run the install.bat file. Follow the on-screen instructions to get your device rooted.

Easy Root Tool

You might have to install the SuperSU binaries here as well.


Well that’s all, you can now enjoy root access on your Xperia and do all sorts of crazy stuff. Don’t forget to check out how you can Install Xposed on your device and change system fonts for starters.

If you face any problems, let us know and we might be able to help you out. If possible, do include a screenshot of the error message you get while performing the root.

Last updated on 03 February, 2022

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