How to Get Interest Based Alerts Using Hooks for iPhone

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In today’s fast-paced world, we tend to forget many things. Be it a lunch appointment with your business client or your wife’s birthday, we now rely on our smartphone to remind us about them. Most of us use calendars to store these details so that we are reminded at the right time.

But what about the details that we can’t predict? There are a host of items for which you would appreciate a reminder notification. Like a TV series air date or a reminder when it’s about to rain. Hooks is a cool app that can take up this task for you. Just set up an alert about what you are interested in and you will receive a notification when or before it happens.

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Getting Alerts using Hooks for iPhone

So once you install the app and launch it, it will ask you to create an account. You can use Facebook as a login source. After you’re in, the app will give you a list of alerts that you can set. Right now there are about 34 different alerts that you can use, but they are categorized under different sections so that you can reach the one you want easily.

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Now suppose I want to set a weather alert that notifies me when I might expect rain in my city. This would remind me to take an umbrella to work. So head over to the weather category and here you will find different types of weather alerts. Select Rain alert and tap on Set Up Alert. Having done that, search for your city from the list and the type of rain intensity you would like to be notified about. Finally set an alert time and the days you would like to monitor.

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That’s all, the app will alert you when it’s about to rain in your city. Now I am not sure where the app takes its data from, but it has been very accurate for me. The app gives a notification sound along with a push notification that can be configured within the app.

You can see all the distinct alerts you have set in the My Alerts tab. If you would like to delete any alert, tap on it from the My Notification tab and select the Edit option. Here you can edit your notification settings or delete them permanently if you don’t want to receive those specific alerts. The Timeline tab keeps a track of all the notifications the app gives you and you can search through it if you want to find a particular notification.

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So that was pretty much everything about the app. Personally speaking, I liked the idea behind the app and the way it’s executed. The app’s not limited to a specific location or service – for example, the app gives you the option to track any parcel from any courier provider. So try out the app and let us know what you feel about it.

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Last updated on 03 February, 2022

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