Weekly Roundup: F.lux, CompareMyDocs, InSSIDer, Sync.in And More

Here’s a round-up of last week at Guiding Tech. Last week we’ve covered some nice apps, software and how to’s. Also we published a complete DNS guide. Check it out.

Use F.lux To Adjust Monitor Color & Brightness By Time of The Day

If you have F.lux installed in your PC then you don’t need to worry about screen brightness. It adjusts monitor color and brightness according to the lighting conditions around you.

Using Syncback To Sync Files & Folders On Your PC

The complete guide to use Syncback (a well known tool for files and folders synchronization) to sync files across computer and external hard drive.

The Complete Guide To OpenDNS & Why You Need It

This featured article elaborates all the features and advantages of OpenDNS and why you should use it on your computer.

CompareMyDocs Lets You Compare Word Documents Online

Compare up to 6 documents online. You can upload, compare and edit .doc, .docx and .rtf documents easily.

InSSIDer: Detect Wireless Networks In Your Area

Want to know the WiFi hotspots near your area? This tool tells you more than that. Just run the software and it will give you some important information such as MAC Address, SSID, Channel, RSSI, Security (password protected or not), Speed and “Last seen” time.

How To Erase Chat And Call History In Skype

By default Skype stores all your instant messages, SMS, calls, voicemails and file transfers in your PC which might cause security issues. This step by step guide tells you how you can easily delete those data and disable the option so that Skype will not store those data in your computer.

How To Use ArchiveFB To Backup Your Facebook Data

Backup your entire Facebook data (status updates, photos, activities and lot more) locally in your computer with the help of Firefox plugin. Browse the data anytime you want (when you are offline or if something bad happens with your account).

Sync.in: Real Time Document Collaboration & Synchronization Tool

Online document collaboration web app. Make a new document, share the URL to others and start collaboration. All the changes appear in real-time. You can add any number of users, no sign up required and this tool is absolutely free to use.

How To Add Titles And Tags To Files In Windows

A nice Windows how to to add tags and titles to files so that you can search it easily using Windows Start menu search.

Last updated on 02 February, 2022

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