Get Floating Lyrics For Play Music And Spotify On Android

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MusiXmatch has arguably one of the best collections of song lyrics. They have more than 25 million songs in their repository. And their newly updated Android app brings all that lyric goodness to your phone.

What’s better? It’s compatible with apps like Spotify, Rdio, and Play Music so you don’t even need to switch players to bring up lyrics. Synced lyrics for the song you’re playing in any of the compatible players will just float over the screen. It all works surprisingly well.

How To Use FloatingLyrics With MusiXMatch

MusiXMatch’s new Android app is a great music player in itself. It looks and works very much like the Play Music app, and to me that’s a great thing.

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If you want, you can just use MusiXmatch’s app to listen to music and look at the scrolling lyrics. But you don’t have to.

To enable FloatingLyrics for supported apps (Spotify, Deezer, rdio, Rhapshody, Play Music), bring up the sidebar, go to Settings -> Notifications, and make sure FloatingLyrics is turned on.

Now just go to any supported app – my player of choice is Play Music – and start playing a song. Make sure MusiXmatch is running in the background. When you start playing, the floating player will pop up automatically and will scroll through the lyrics, synced in time to the song.

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Cool Tip: You can double tap the floating bar to take over manual scrolling control.

The FloatingLyrics Widget is also resizable. Just tap and hold the resize icon in the bottom right and drag your fingers along the screen.

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If you’re using Spotify, you’ll have to go to Settings and turn on Broadcast status.

FloatingLyrics works like Facebook’s chatheads. As the name suggests, FloatingLyrics works like any other floating widget on Android. When active, it hovers over anything you do on screen. There’s an option to minimize the widget. When minimized, it takes the shape of a circular chathead similar to Facebook Messenger’s. Plunge the chathead to the bottom of the screen to dismiss it.

More Features In MusiXMatch That Are Worth Using

Similar to Shazam and SoundHound, MusiXMatch has a live scanning utility. From the sidebar, bring up Music ID and the app will recognize the song that’s playing.

Karaoke Mode

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There’s an interesting Karaoke mode in the app. The app removes (or at least tries to remove) vocals from the track you’re listening to so you can sing along. The app recommends you use headphones for the best effect.

How Do You Look Up Lyrics?

How do you look up lyrics on your phone or desktop? Let us know in the comments below.

Last updated on 03 February, 2022

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