Top 5 Ways To Discover Shared Links on Twitter

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Long live RSS. Ok, not really. People who love RSS for what it is, still use RSS. But it’s no secret that a lot of people have moved on – to Twitter of all places. Twitter is where you follow like minded people. Chances are that when someone you follow posts a link to an article they found interesting, you’d find that link interesting too.

There’s also a bit of curation on Twitter. In RSS you get thousands of articles in your feed while on Twitter only the best stuff gets shared. While there are thousands of RSS readers for every platform, there aren’t that many Twitter “readers”.

Today we’ll talk about the best web, desktop, iOS and Android apps that give you a curated list of links shared by people you follow on Twitter.

1. Safari For iPad and Mac OS X

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If you’re using OS X Mavericks and above or iOS 8 on iPad, you can get a sidebar that shows all the Twitter links. To enable this you’ll have to go into settings and put in your Twitter credentials.

2. Vellum For The Web

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Vellum is a project by NYT Labs. Visit the website, log in with your Twitter credentials and the website will show all the links shared by the people you follow.

Vellum also shows avatars of the friends who shared the link. One problem I have with Vellum is that it doesn’t show the web page’s title as text.

3. Digg App’s Digg Deeper Feature In iOS App

Remember Digg? It’s not quite the same anymore. The revamped app is more sophisticated, has editorially curated content and is very nice to use. It’s also got an RSS reader built in.

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The feature in Digg’s app that concerns us is Digg Deeper. You can access it from the sidebar. Once you’ve connected with your Twitter account, the app will show a timeline of all the shared links along with tiny avatars of the people who shared it.

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When you tap on a link, it opens inside the app.

4. Nuzzel For iPhone

Nuzzel for iPhone is an app dedicated to showing you links shared by your friends on Twitter and Facebook. Once you’re logged in, you can customize your feed the way you want.

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For instance, you can say you only want to see links shared by 3 or more of your friends in the last 24 hours. Increasing the friend count increases the chances of discovering really good content.

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Nuzzel has a built in reading view that gives you a Pocket/Instapaper like distraction-free layout for reading. The only problem with Nuzzel is that it nags you for your email address every now and then.

5. Flyne For Android

Android doesn’t really have that many Twitter link aggregators (if you know any more, please leave a comment). Flyne is a news reader I’ve talked about before. The free app has a $0.99 add-on that shows you links shared on Twitter.

How Do You Discover Links Shared On Twitter?

Has Twitter become your main source of articles as well? Let us know in the comments below.

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Last updated on 03 February, 2022

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