7 Cool Airdroid Features That Make it a Must-Have App

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Android doesn’t have a default desktop management app like iTunes for iOS. I’m not sure if that’s a good thing or not. Looking at what iTunes has become, I’m sure leaning towards the former.

Android is open and free. There are many ways to sync files between PC and Android. You can even do it natively without a single piece of software. But what if you need more than just a file transfer feature? What if you need to manage your whole device? What if you have a wire phobia (why aren’t wires dead yet?). Then AirDroid is for you. We’ve already written a how to guide on AirDroid in case you want to check that out.

AirDroid is a web based device management app for Android. It lets you wirelessly connect to any PC, just by scanning a QR code. Then you’re free to transfer files, back them up, and do a whole lot more.

1. Look Ma, No Wires! AirDroid: Web Based And Wireless

Oh man, do I love AirDroid for being wireless. You’ll find a lot of credible desktop management suites for Android, some arguably better than AirDroid (especially when it comes to not draining the battery life) but this no wires policy really puts AirDroid on top.

And connecting AirDroid to a PC/Mac is easy too. So easy in fact, that if you make a practice of it you can do it every morning when you get to your desk in a couple of seconds.

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Just open the web address AirDroid provides ( www.web.airdroid.com, easily bookmark-able) and scan the QR code to authenticate.

You can also create an account with AirDroid. This lets you control and transfer stuff from your phone even when it’s not on the same Wi-Fi network as your computer. The free plan has a 100 MB per month transfer cap for cellular networks, which you can increase to 1 GB by upgrading to AirDroid Premium.

And now your desktop syncing solution is all set to go.

2. Send And Receive SMS From Your Computer

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MightyText might be a better standalone app for texting from the computer via your Android phone, but it’s also something AirDroid has and if you’re already connecting to AirDroid, it can’t hurt to use it for texting.

3. Send Device Notifications To PC

When you first start AirDroid on Android, it will ask you to enable Notification Mirroring. This allows AirDroid to deliver notifications from your Android device to your PC.

4. Backup and Install Apps

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This is what we mean when we say “device management”. If you’ve downloaded APK files for an app on your PC, you can use AirDroid to not only transfer them to your phone, but also to install them.

5. Transfer Files, Photos To And From PC Wirelessly

AirDroid exposes your phone’s file management system in a familiar, desktop UI. You’ll find shortcuts to folders like Files, Photos, Music, etc, on the “desktop” of AirDroid.

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You’ll see a Toolbox in the bottom right corner – just drag the files in from your PC’s file explorer to the browser window to upload them to the device.

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6. Paste Links And Text To Android’s Clipboard

In the same Toolbox you’ll see a Clipboard section. Write anything in there and click the Arrow button. Now that text is copied to your device’s clipboard. Go to your device and paste the text.

Cool Tip: And it goes both ways. Copy something on your Android device and click the Refresh icon in the Toolbox and the copied text will show up there.

7. Open Websites On Your Phone From AirDroid

Paste any web address in the URL Toolbox and click the Arrow button. This will instantly open the page in your Android device’s default browser. This will take place in the background so when you unlock your phone, the page will be ready to go.

Bonus: Find Lost Phone (Premium)

If you’re an AirDroid Premium subscriber, you can use the app to track a lost phone or to remotely wipe it. While it’s certainly a useful feature, you can get the same functionality using Android’s own free Device Manager app.

The Shocking Moment You Realize Your Cellphone Is Lostc

How To Make The Best Use Of AirDroid

AirDroid started as a wireless device manager, but lately it’s become much more. I’d suggest you activate AirDroid on your phone every time you sit on your desk. Yes it’s battery consuming, so you’ll have to have a charger handy.

But the convenience the app provides is worth it. You’ll get notifications from your device, you’ll be able to send and receive SMS, and copy and paste files and photos, all without picking up your phone once.

And that to me sounds awesome.

How Do You Use AirDroid?

What’s your favorite use of AirDroid? Do you use it as a desktop management app, always docked in or only when you need to sync files or photos? Let us know in the comments below.

Last updated on 03 February, 2022

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