How to Easily Track TV Show Episodes from iPhone

I am very particular about the shows I follow on TV and I just can’t afford to ruin a whole week of anticipation with a spoiler update on Facebook. And for the same reason, while I was using an Android I had a dedicated app to track and remind me of my shows. SeriesGuide is an amazing app on the Android platform if you really love the shows you follow. When I moved to iOS, I was hoping to find something similar for my iPhone.

Tv Sow Features

TeeVee 3 is one app that’s trending in some of the forums, but is priced at $2.99. However, I’m not quite willing to pay for an app just to track my TV shows, even if it is merely the price of morning coffee.

So after some research I came across an app called tv show tracker 3, which supports a freemium model. It comes in an ad-supported lite version with the option to upgrade to ad-free for just a dollar. So let’s see how the app helps you to keep track of your shows.

Tracking TV Shows on iPhone

After you install tv show tracker 3, it will ask you to add some of the shows you watch. Tap on the add icon to search for a show and then choose one to add to your following list. Once you have added even one show, the app will retrieve all the show data from the server and display it as a card on the page. You now have to put a check against the last episode of the show you watched. It will also give you an option to automatically mark all the previous episodes as ‘seen’.

Tv Show Track 4
Tv Show Track 2

Now whenever you watch an episode, just check off the respective item on the list to keep the app updated. Apart from that you can get a quick overview of all the upcoming episodes. Tapping on an episode will open up the synopsis page with a screen capture and a video preview (if available) for each episode.

Tv Show 2

What makes TV Show Tracker 3 Better than Others

The features I mentioned are available in most similar apps. But what makes tv show tracker 3 the best is its ability to sync the show times to your timezone and also the widget support for devices running iOS 8 and above. In the app settings, open Preferences and select the option Use timezone correction. All the shows will then display the airtime based on the time zone that you have configured on your iPhone.

Cool Tip: To add the widget, open the iOS 8 drawer and tap the Edit option in the Today section. Here, add the widget for the app and you will get notifications for upcoming shows that you are following.

Tv Show 1
Tv Show Track 5

You can also choose to display the show cards in an alphabetical order. In landscape mode, the app shows the thumbnails of all the shows for you to easily select them. Tapping on the calendar icon on the app will open up the schedule.

Tv Show Track 1


So that was pretty much everything you need to know about tv show tracker 3. I have been using the app ever since the iOS 8 update and for a free app, there’s nothing I can complain about. If you too are a TV buff like me, do try out the app and let us know what you feel about it.

Last updated on 03 February, 2022

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