Up-to-Date List Of Best iOS 8 Widgets (And How To Enable)

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It’s 2014; iOS 8 has landed and brought along widgets. If you told me this would happen 2 years ago I’d have laughed. Yet, here we are. While widgets in iOS 8 share a lot in common with the ones on Android, the implementation and interactions are totally different.

For starters, the widgets are in the Today view of the Notification Center, not the home screen. The widgets will only be activated when they have something to show. And you can scroll through them vertically.

The first slew of widgets features everything from live updates for websites and game scores to utilities for quick calculations. The potential with widgets is massive and will only get better with time.

How To Enable App Widgets

Widgets are bundled and installed along with the app, but they are disabled by default. Once you’ve downloaded the iOS 8 update for the app that features a widget, pull down the Notification Center, go to the Today view, scroll down, and tap the Edit button.

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Here you’ll see all the available widgets. To enable a third party widget simply tap the green plus button. Some widgets will work immediately while some will need you to open the newly updated app once.

Don’t Over Do It With Widgets

Even on a 2 year old iPhone 5, widgets don’t lag. Utilities are ready to go as soon as you scroll and start tapping.

Widgets run separately from apps and don’t run in the background. The only time they refresh is when you pull down the Notification Center. This should wade off any battery concerns, unless you’re a compulsive Notification Center checker.

I haven’t noticed a significant hit to the battery as of yet, but if I do, I’ll update you here.

The premise of a widget is that it either gives you information faster than it would take you to open the app or lets you launch an app-specific shortcut. If you have a lot of widgets, you’ll be spending a lot of time scrolling through them. Try out as many widgets as you like but after experimenting, only keep the ones you really need.

And now, here’s the running list of the best third party widgets I’ve come across. I’ll be updating this post every couple of days so feel free to bookmark the page.

The Running List Of Best Widgets


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The Evernote widget provides quick access buttons for a new note, photo, reminder, or list. For a heavy Evernote user, using the notification widget shortcut to jump to a specific part of the app can save a lot of time.

Day One

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Day One ($4.99) shows a graph of your most recent journal entries coupled with a photo/entry you made on the same day last year. If it can’t find that data, the widget will show a random photo from your Day One account.


Wdgts is a collection of utilities like calculator, calendar, currency converter, and time zone for the Notification Center. Once the app is installed you can enable each utility in the same way as explained above.

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Open the app to set defaults for currency conversion or to select photos. The $0.99 pro version gives you extra features like a scrollable month view, the option to copy calculations and conversions, etc.


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If you use the Kindle app to read a lot on your iPad or iPhone, this widget will come in handy. It will show you the most recent book you’ve been reading, and tapping it takes you straight to the page you were just on.

Yahoo! Weather

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Yahoo!’s gorgeous weather app now comes as a widget. It shows the current temperature and the forecast along with a signature background.


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Dropbox’s widget is a little underwhelming and might not be useful for everyone. It simply gives you a list of the most recent files opened/uploaded to your Dropbox account. That’s it.


Img 0047

Retro is one of the best iPad clients for Instagram. This widget basically converts the Notification Center into a mini Instagram feed. You can view your timeline or posts from a specific hashtag.


The OpenTable widget keeps you updated with your upcoming reservations.



BuzzFeed’s widget shows the latest posts from the website and gives you an option to quickly bookmark them.


Duolingo’s widget shows your progress in hopes of keeping you motivated to learn.


The iTranslate widget will translate whatever’s copied to the clipboard in one click.

Lose It!

Track the total calories consumed and the remaining calories for the day’s target using the Lose It! widget.

App In The Air

App In The Air

App in the Air gives you detailed information about your upcoming flights on its widget.

TubeStatus Widget

TubeStatus is for all the Londoners out there. The widget helps you navigate through the often complicated underground train system.


If you’ve set a reminder for any of your Clear ($4.99) tasks, it will show up in the widget. Sadly there’s no support for showing your lists here.

Calendars 5

Calendars 5’s ($6.99) Today widget in the Notification Center gives you an overview of what you have to do today.


Wunderlist is one of the best ways to share to-do lists and collaborate on tasks. The widget shows you the day’s agenda.

Breaking News +

Breaking News + shows you the breaking news happening around you using GPS. You can configure the area covered in the app. The widget updates as news unfolds.


Img 0046

News360 widget features the latest stories from your feed.

Sky Guide

The Sky Guide ($2.99) app allows you to add rise and set times for the Sun, Moon and planets along with a day/night timeline and altitude plots directly in the widget.

OmniFocus 2

The OmniFocus 2 ($19.99) widget shows your upcoming tasks with time and their respective icons.


ETA ($0.99) is an app that lets you save locations that you frequent most and tells you the travel time based on maps data. The added widget also does the same.


Parcel is one of the best shipment tracking apps for iOS. The widget notifies you if you have a shipment arriving today or tomorrow.


Runtime ($2.99) uses the M7/8 co-processor to keep track of how many steps you take. The widget displays the day’s step count.


Img 1435

The Instapaper ($3.99) widget will list the links you saved today. Tapping an item opens it directly in the app.


The Audible widget keeps track of what you’re listening to and lets you resume with a tap of a button.

Matter’s Inspiration Widget


Matter ($1.99) is an image editing app that adds cool 3D objects to photos as if they belong. Their new widget features a new photo and quote everyday. (Screenshot via Imgur)

TeeVee 3

Img 1448

TeeVee 3 ($2.99) is my TV show tracker of choice and now it has a widget to tell me about the upcoming shows.


Img 1464

Launcher lets you do what jailbreakers have been doing for years – put app shortcuts in the Notification Center. There’s not just that – you can put shortcuts for WhatsApp message, iMessage, a custom action and a lot more.


Img 1498

Always keep forgetting that one thing? Cheatsheet is a permanent task list. Add something from the app and it will show up on the widget. It will stay there till you delete it. Simple.


Asana, everyone’s new favorite task management app has a widget so you can stay up on all the things you need to get done.

My Finances

Today Widget

My Finances is a free and minimal expense tracker for iOS. The widget will show you stats about your spending habits.


Screen568X568 1

Agenda+ ($1.99)  might be the most feature rich widget ever. It allows you to view and complete your tasks from the Notification Center and get a detailed look of upcoming events from your calendar.


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From the makers for Agenda+, Forecast+ ($0.99) is an information rich weather forecast widget for iOS 8.

Last updated on 03 February, 2022

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