How To Customize Your Google Forms With Themes

Google Forms are a great way to collect information from others, but the problem until now was that forms looked pretty plain and unattractive. That’s about to change, as Google has introduced themes for the service.

Here’s how to use them.

Google Forms

Google Forms Themes

Using Google Forms to collect your friends’ or coworkers’ input is quite easy, as you probably already know, but the problem is that those forms don’t have anything interesting about them. They’re just, well, forms like any other forms, even if the service itself is a great one (it can even be used to track expenses).

With that said, let’s say that you’ve just started creating your brand new form that you can’t wait to share with your friends or coworkers. In this case, I want to find out who my friends think will win the UEFA Champions League this year.

So I simply go to Google Forms and start creating my form.

Google Forms Create

However, while I like the content of my form, I don’t like the look of it. When I click View live form, I see this:

Google Forms Live View

Until a little while ago, there wasn’t too much I could do about it. Luckily all of that has changed now. Google has introduced themes for Forms, and you can even customize things here and there.

To do so, start by clicking the Change theme button. You’ll find it in the toolbar above the form editing section.

Google Forms Change Themes

The moment you click it, a list of themes will appear on the right side of your window. At the time this article was written, there were 24 of them, but knowing Google, I’m pretty sure that number will grow.

Google Forms Themes

You can click any theme you want and it will be applied to your form instantly. Things look completely different already, don’t they?

Google Forms Theme Applied

You can play around with the themes until you come across the one that best sums up your form.

So let’s say you’ve picked one, but you still think it could do with a few minor modifications. As you might have noticed, the theme you’ve selected now has a Customize button. Click it to start tweaking its settings around.

Google Forms Theme Customize

There are two categories of settings for the theme that you can alter. The first one is related to the fonts. You can change fonts separately, as seen below, for the title, description, question, help text, and options.

Google Forms Theme Customize Text

You’re not limited to the displayed fonts; you can add tons of others from a varied list.

Google Forms Theme Customize Fonts

After you’re finished playing around with the fonts, you can change the background and images too.

Google Forms Theme Customize Visually

There are lots of options. In some cases you can search for an image online or, for the header, you can pick one from a large list. Google has obviously done its homework.

Google Forms Theme Customize Visually Header

So, with just a few clicks (and I’m certainly no artist), you can get something looking like this. I think it beats the plain forms you had until now.

Google Forms Themes Customized


I am sure the new themes feature will attract new users to Google Forms, as it should certainly increase the appeal of the service. I personally find it much more fun now.

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Last updated on 03 February, 2022

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