3 Enjoyable Android Apps to Design and Order Custom T-Shirts

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The future is always near. Advances in ubiquitous computing are especially astounding. But when the use of technology pervades something so personal and commonplace as the clothing you wear, that’s when it really hits home.

For example, there are multiple apps that allow you to design and order custom apparel straight from your mobile device. Imagine, you’re running in the park, surrounded by nature, and you come up with a great idea for this year’s sports team logo. Or you’re admiring sculptures at a museum when suddenly you’re inspired to design t-shirts for your art co-op. As long as you’ve got service and your smartphone, these great ideas are only a few strokes away from actualization.

Here are three great, simple Android apps that will aid you with t-shirt design. See which one best suits you.

1. Snaptee

The drawback of Snaptee is that it only offers t-shirts in white, black, or grey. You also can only print on the front of the shirt. However, the unique design options, flexible image editing, and smooth interface more than make up for the app’s shortcomings.

Snaptee FontSnaptee Options

With Snaptee you have a variety of fonts and text colors, options for saturation, contrast and brightness, and even a selection of filters. You can snap a photo or use a drawing app to create an image for your tee. Snaptee links to your Camera, Photo Album, and Instagram.

Snaptee FiltersSnaptee Prices

Snaptee’s prices are mid-ranged, with a basic tee coming out to around $20 and standard shipping for $5 within the U.S. What’s cool about Snaptee is that you can browse and purchase designs shared by other users, remix their designs, and allow your designs to be remixed as well. What’s even cooler is that you can even put up your design for sale!

Editor's ChoiceRemix or Sell

2. T-shirt Designer

Plain and simple, T-shirt Designer is about as basic as you can get. The UI is very meager as well, but don’t let this fool you – T-shirt Designer allows you to add text and images to the front, side, and back of their shirts, which also come in a variety of colors.

Adjust Image PlacementColor Selection

They also have the best pricing, with a basic tee for $14.95. When you add the cost of shipping to anywhere inside the United States, your order still comes out to under 20 bucks.

T-shirt Designer Price

3. Zazzle

This app is a great all-around product designer. Not only does Zazzle have the most beautiful UI, it also offers custom merchandise ranging from hats to mugs to greeting cards. You can also browse pre-made tees, posters, tote bags, etc.

Pre-made MerchandiseSearch Create Shirt

Since the app offers a wide range of shopping, the t-shirt designer may be hard to locate. The trick is to long press the Z logo on top, and then search for ‘create t shirt’ – or even ‘t shirts’ will do. Zazzle offers different t-shirts, tanks, and sweats in multiple cuts and colors. Filters, typefaces, and many other fine-tuned settings are included, and customizations are allowed on both the front and back.

Zazzle FiltersBack Text

This app has the most freedom but that freedom comes with a price. While a little more on the expensive side, Zazzle’s fun custom designs and supreme service might just be worth the splurge.

Zazzle OptionsZazzle Pricing

Watch List: UTme!

UTme! GT Shirt

One other really cool tee design app to look out for is UTme!, recently launched by Uniqlo but only available exclusively in Japan right now. You can draw straight into the app and create your graphic image through paint, type, or photography.

UTme! Effects

You can also layer on cool effectslike mosaic dots or splash paint that’s randomly generated when you shake your phone. If you’d like to try out the app in advance, you can check out the demo, but unfortunately if you’re not in Japan, you can’t order UTme! personal designs off the web either.

Do you live in Japan?

Do you live in Japan? Let us know if the UTme! app is as good as it seems! How does it compare to the apps listed above?

Top Image Credit: CarpathianPrince

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