WeTransfer: Share Files Up to 10 GB on Web, iOS, Android

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If I start counting the awesome cloud based services that help me send files to my friends and family, I’ll run out of fingers in about 8 seconds. Even if you don’t know what “the cloud” is, you’ve surely used it to send/store files. But for some reason, Gmail and other email providers still limit file uploads to mere MBs (sometimes as low as 25 MB) and don’t support many file types.

Of course, there are places like Google Drive, Dropbox, or Mega, that will allow you to share large files, but the experience is far from desirable.

The WeTransfer apps and website do one thing and one thing well – let you email big files and media to anyone. Oh, and you can transfer files up to 10 GB. All of it for free.

The Easiest Way To Get There

Why use WeTransfer, you ask?

  • Upload files for free up to 10 GB, no signup required (for you or the recipient).
  • The file stays online for 7 days.
  • Instead of sending files as an attachment, the recipient receives a link.
  • It’s the easiest way to transfer files.

The Android App

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If you have an Android phone, the WeTransfer app is a must-have. It’s more powerful than the iPhone app and is identical to the website. The app itself will list all the photos and videos you have. Just tap on the ones you want to share, input the email address and you’re done. But this being Android, you can do a lot more.

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WeTransfer integrates with Android’s built-in sharing menu. With it, you can send files to WeTransfer using any app that supports the sharing menu. This makes the Android app really useful. You can send docs from Google Drive, files in Dropbox or any document on your local storage directly to WeTransfer.

The iPhone App

iOS 7 is a closed system, which is why the WeTransfer’s iPhone app is limited. With iOS 8, Apple is improving its inter-app communication and in a few months, the iPhone app should be able to work just like the Android one. But right now, you can only choose photos and videos to share. If you’re sharing videos, depending on your upload speed, it can take a lot of time.

The Website

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The website is even more liberal and easier to use than the Android app. You can either click the Add files button and choose files from the file picker or just drag and drop any file in the browser window. Once you’ve put in your and your friend’s email address and clicked the Transfer button, the upload will start.

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When you’re on the website, you’ll see a Share button. It lets you switch to link instead of email. This way you’ll get the link directly after uploading the file. It’s useful if you want to just share it with someone via IM instead of email.

Give Me The Download Link With Apps

I don’t know why the WeTransfer apps don’t allow for this but it would be a great help if I could get the download link instead of sending an email when uploading from the phone. It would make sharing files with WhatsApp contacts really easy.

WeTransfer Plus

If you’re a business, you can opt for the WeTransfer Plus plan that costs $10 a month and comes with 50 GB of cloud storage space. Also, your files won’t be deleted after 7 days and you get password protection. If you’re using WeTransfer on the website, the normal limit is 2 GB compared to 10 GB for apps. Using WeTransfer Plus, you can extent this limit to 10 GB as well.

Last updated on 23 February, 2022

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