3 Tips for Perfect Presentations Using Keynote For iPad

Keynote Presentation Tips

If there is one aspect where the iPad surpasses almost every other tablet on the market, it’s in how incredibly productive it can be. Some of the best examples to prove this argument are Apple’s own iWork suite of apps, allowing the iPad to serve as a full-fledged word processor with Pages or as an extremely capable and easy to use spreadsheet manager thanks to Numbers.

However, another area where the iPad excels but is not fully taken advantage of by most iPad owners is presentations. The best example of this is, again, Apple’s own slideshow application, Keynote, which is extremely powerful and allows iPad users not only to create amazing keynotes, but also to present them in the best way possible.

And this is exactly the aspect of Keynote that we’ll show you today, letting you know about a few tips to make the most of Keynote presentation software.

Ready? Then let’s get started.

1. Disable Notifications

Once you connect your iPad to a large screen TV or to another device to carry on with your presentation, your iPad’s contents will show on the screen. However, even if you enter presentation mode, all of your iPad’s contents will show on the big screen as they are, including notifications.

Keynote Message While Presenting

Needless to say, you don’t want an iMessage notification with a bunch of hearts showing on the screen in front of everyone during your meeting, which is why it’s best to simply get rid of notifications altogether, at least momentarily.

The best way to achieve this is from within your iPad’s Settings. There, head to Do Not Disturb and turn the Manual slider ON.

Keynote Manual Notifications On

With this setting enabled, your iPad will not show any alert or notification while you present your slideshow, making for a completely smooth experience.

2. Control Your Keynote Presentations Remotely

This is perhaps one of the coolest features of Keynote on iOS. With it, you can use an iOS device to control an active presentation on another iOS device.

To do this, first make sure to download Keynote on both devices. For this example we’ll use an iPhone to control a presentation running on an iPad.

First, open Keynote on your iPad and then tap on the Tools icon (wrench). There, under Presentation Tools tap on Allow Remote Control and then switch on Enable Remotes.

Keynote Tools Presentation
Keynote Allow Remote Control
Keynote Remotes Enabled

Now, on your iPhone (which is the device you will use to control your presentation) open the Keynote app and then tap on the small Remote icon that shows on the toolbar and follow the instructions to pair up both devices.

Keynote I Phone Select Remote
Keynote Set Up Remote
Keynote Enable Remotes
Keynote Remote Ready

Once connected, you will be able to control your presentation up to the tiniest detail, including the ability to view all upcoming slides, to highlight parts of it and more.

Keynote Draw I Phone
Keynote I Phone View Slides

3. Seamless Laser Pointers

Here’s another neat feature available in Keynote for iPad that proves tremendously helpful: Once you start presenting, you have access to a hidden laser pointer you can freely control using your finger on your iPad screen.

To activate the laser pointer, just tap and hold the current slide on your iPad or iPhone to bring up the highlighting tools and then select the laser at the left. Then move your finger around the screen and you’ll notice that the placement of your finger on your iPad screen will transform into a cool-looking laser dot on the big screen.

Keynote I Pad Laser Pointer

Overall, if you are planning on presenting a slideshow anytime soon and you were planning on using your iPad, these Keynote features will definitely make the job easier for you while at the same time enhancing the entire experience for your audience.

Last updated on 03 February, 2022

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