Top 2 Free Digital Signature Apps For Android And iOS

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In this digital age, with passwords and 2-step verifications, your signature might not seem as relevant. But for a lot of places it still is. Whether it’s an invoice for your monthly checkup or a contract with a new client, you need to seal the deal with a physical signature. Or something that looks like a physical signature.

The problem with signing physical documents by hand isn’t signing itself, it’s what happens next. Do you mail the papers? Fax them? Scan and email them? And if you already received them in digital form, you’re unnecessarily complicating things by printing out papers.

This is where digital signature (also known as E-Signature) apps come in. These apps recognize PDF documents and can identify editable parts of a document. So you can use them to add signatures in signature boxes or words in text boxes. The apps provide a large canvas for you to sign in so you can either use your finger or a stylus. If you want your digital signature to look just like your physical one, I would suggest buying a cheap stylus.


HelloSign is a no-nonsense signing app. Just open the app, import the document from local storage, Google Drive or Dropbox and start editing. The app allows you to add text, checkmarks and of course, a signature to any document.

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After you tap the signature button, you’ll get a white screen and the phone/tablet will switch to landscape mode. So you have your phone’s entire screen to draw your signature. Sign with a stylus or your fingertip. Tap done and the signature will be inserted where you want. Using the circle you can move the signature box around or change its size.

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HelloSign is available for iPhone, iPad, and Android. If you’re using it on the iPad or an Android tablet, you get a lot of room to write your signature.

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SIGNificant Signature Capture

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SIGNificant Signature Capture is available on Android and iPad. The app is more feature rich compared to HelloSign. For instance, it has a cloud solution for backing up and syncing documents. Unfortunately the app processes edited documents on their server instead of your phone. This means you’ll need to have a working internet connection to use this app and you’ll be compromising your privacy.

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The app says the documents are deleted after an hour but that’s plenty of time for someone to get in. If you ask me, I wouldn’t use this app to sign anything remotely important or private. But if it’s just an invoice from your dental office, go for it.

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Last updated on 03 February, 2022

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