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Like handwritten notes have been replaced by Facebook wall posts, greeting cards have been replaced by… well, ecards or nothing at all. Just like fashion, the vintage in tech always makes a comeback. I used to wish my friends Happy Birthday on Facebook. But then I saw that so were the other 150 or so people, some of whom barely even knew him/her. So I went back to yesteryear. I now schedule a 12 AM SMS or a phone call – it just makes me feel better. If you want to do the same, try some of these apps for iOS and Android.

What greeting card apps are for?

  • Making an ecard from local or social media photos, plus templates and sharing them via email, Facebook or Twitter.
  • Some apps will even let you mail a physical copy of the personalized card you just created on your phone for a small fee. How neat is that?
  • And you can do the same for physical postcards (Physical card deliveries are usually only for the US).

1. Justwink


Justwink’s (iOS, Android) UI is just as cheery as the greeting card you’re about to make. The app has customized cards for seasonal holidays in US plus the usual birthday, anniversary, congrats, thanks etc. The free app has a basic selection of cards. Tap the one you want and then choose the recipient. Like many other apps, Justwink allows you to send a physical card as well. Digital options include email, Facebook, Twitter, or text message.

The physical delivery of cards costs $2.99.

2. Red Stamp Cards

Red Stamp

Red Stamp Cards (iOS, Android) does a lot more than Justwink and is overall a classy affair. The design collection, which stands at 1000+ unique card designs is more than you’ll ever need. The app has fun styles for birthdays, anniversaries, and other occasions; However, you can also straighten your tie and use this app to send official invites for your upscale dinner party using the templates.

Editing a template is as simple as editing text fields. The app allows for sharing to Facebook, Instagram, email, Twitter, and much more. The design packs and card delivery starts at $0.99.

3. Touchnote Postcards


Touchnote Postcards (iOS, Android) is an app entirely based on sending postcards. But it does it well. You add cash in the app in form of credits, design a postcard with different layouts for photos, add a 40 character caption and send it away to anyone you want. After you send one card, the second is free.

Touchnote, being a postcard app, doesn’t carry the same high quality templates for greeting cards as other apps listed here. But for some occasions, a photo you clicked coupled with a short caption is exactly what you’re looking for.

4. CleverCards


CleverCards (iOS, Android) is a really clever app. After linking your Facebook account, the app will show you upcoming birthdays and events and will allow you to create and send them digital greeting cards in the app itself. If you’re bored of writing “Happy Birthday dear TC god bless” on your friend’s wall, try this app.

Other than the one tap Facebook integration, the app also offers a variety of greeting card templates just like Justwink and physical card deliveries cost $2.99.

5. Ink Cards

Ink Cards

Ink Cards (iOS, Android) prides itself for delivering uniquely designed high quality cards printed in 5×7-inch thick glossy paper (at 300 DPI). Ink promises your cards will look just like the professionally designed and photographed ones you buy off the shelf. And at $1.99 a card, it won’t break your bank either. Just like Touchnote, the second card order is free.

Ink has more than 500 customizable designs and it doesn’t cap the caption at 40 characters like Touchnote. You can of course import any of your own photos, including those from your Instagram account.

Last updated on 03 February, 2022

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