Top 3 System Monitor Apps And Widgets For Android

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I want to live in a Sci-Fi movie. Not only because it would be oh so cool but because I like looking at numbers. Moving numbers. Numbers telling me about things that are going on. Like the stats of the spaceship in Star Trek, or of the human body, like in Iron Man. I know wearable technology is catching on, but, sadly, we’re just not there yet.

Here’s to hoping we get there in a decade or so.

In the meantime I make do by looking at numbers about other things. Like the performance of my PC, how hot the battery is running, just how little RAM I have at my disposal or the internet connection. And now, my Android phone. If you’re just as obsessed with looking at numbers, keep reading.

1. System Monitor

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With the free System Monitor Lite app you can monitor things like CPU, RAM, I/O, network, top apps, and battery. The app will tell you the resources taken up by the phone and will predict how long the battery will last.

System Monitor has a paid app for $3.99 that adds floating apps support, notification bar access and most importantly, DashClock support.

2. DashClock Widget Extensions

One of the best ways to monitor the details is by using the DashClock widget. The great thing about this app is that you can add extensions and you can view it on the lockscreen as well.

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So download DashClock, install these extensions and build your perfect Android monitoring setup, right on your homescreen or lockscreen.

A. DashClock Battery Extension

DashClock Battery Extension shows not only the battery percentage but also the good stuff like the health, its temperature, the capacity, and how long you have till your phone dies.

B. DashClock Data Usage Extension

If you don’t want to go over your data bill, install this extension, give it your data plan details and watch it monitor your usage. It will monitor your Wi-Fi as well.

C. DashClock Wireless Extension

DashClock Wireless Extension shows details about the Wi-Fi network you’re connected to.

D. DashClock Storage Extension

Keep tabs on your storage needs with DashClock Storage Extension.

E. DashClock CPUMonitor Extension

If you don’t want to indulge in the other two full-fledged system monitoring apps listed in this article, just get this extension for DashClock widget and dock it at the top. It will show you hardware stats like the min-max CPU usage, performance governor, GPU frequency and the frequency of each core.

3. Stats Monitor Widget

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If you don’t want to download DashClock and fiddle around with the extensions, try an app called Stats Monitor Widget. It’s designed to be a lightweight text based widget that provides all the important details about your phone without damaging your phone’s performance.

The widget ranges all the way from 1×1 to a 2×4 grid. Widgets usually take a horizontal route, while this one takes a vertical one. After you select the grid you want, you’ll get a checklist of stats to display. Pick the things you want carefully; you don’t want to overpopulate this narrow widget.

Available stats are battery details, CPU performance, RAM, network connection with speed, and a lot more.

Which is the best?

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As an app, you just can’t beat System monitor. It’s intuitive to use, good to look at and very powerful. But you need to upgrade to the pro app for the DashClock widget and notifications bar support.

If you’re looking for a free yet powerful solution, then go with DashClock extensions. DashClock has a lot more stuff to offer than what’s listed above. You can quite literally go mental customizing it. Don’t though.

If you’re looking for something a bit low key compared to DashClock, try Stats Monitor Widget. It only take a couple of seconds to set up and works really well.

Last updated on 03 February, 2022

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