Play 3 Cool Online Multiplayer Games Free With Origin

These three cool online multiplayer games can be played using Origin without paying anything (in-game purchases do exist, but are not compulsory). Origin, Electronic Arts’ digital distribution platform, may not be as popular as Steam, but it can offer its users some serious fun. After all, it is backed by one of the largest game developers out there. So let’s get playing, shall we? 


Cool Free Games

Lately, as gaming piracy increases, major game companies have started to follow a new preventative business model. Currently implemented on many Android games, this model provides players with the possibility of playing games for free, while charging extra for power-ups and additional options. However, since these games are playable without the extra purchases, they still qualify as “free” (except for in the EU).

If the player wants to advance quickly, he can always pay and gain an advantage over other players. This is how the games I’ve picked for you work. Each one of them can provide you with an entertaining experience, together with millions of other gamers around the world. All you have to do is download and install Origin, create an account, and run the application.

Then, from the top menu, click Free to Play under Free Games.

Origin Free Games Free To Play

You’ll find my picks there, as well as a few other games you can easily play for free. Just hover your mouse over the game you want and click Play Now (if the game can be played in your browser, you can start playing right away), or Get It Now, if a download is required. If it’s the latter, you’ll be able to initiate your game from the start menu.

Origin Free Games Free To Play Get

Let’s check out what I’ve picked for you.

FIFA World

It’s only natural for one of the most popular series in the EA portfolio to have a version like this. FIFA World allows you to draft all your favorite players onto a dream team and compete against gamers worldwide. Want Cristiano Ronaldo to score, assisted by Lionel Messi? A little work and it can be done, thanks to the Ultimate Team mode, which FIFA players already know and love.

Origin Free Games Free Fifa World Torres

Apart from Ultimate Team, in which you can create your own club and compete for league promotion using a card-based system (allowing you to get players, training and whatnot), you can also enjoy more “classic” options. For example, you can compete in online seasons with regular league teams.

What’s fun is that there are a lot of players like you out there, and unlike playing against a computer, they have different styles so no two games are alike. Of course, the more you win, the more rewards you get. You can advance faster by buying FIFA points with real money.

However, the game can be lots of fun and you can advance without buying the points.

Origin Free Games Free Fifa World 2

All in all, FIFA World provides a fun football gaming experience and some pretty nice graphics (even if they’re not as good as the ones in FIFA14).

NFS World

Well, if football comes first, next up is cars. What else do you need in life? Need for Speed is one of the most popular series in the history of gaming, so EA has decided to apply the same model here. Things are pretty simple: you start with a small amount of in-game currency, which allows you to buy a car and compete against other racers in the online Need for Speed world. There are lots of events and the money you’ll be earning is spent on improving your car, and with that, your chances of dominating the world. Of course, you can give your world domination plans a little speed boost by paying real money.

Nfs World Start

Boredom doesn’t exist when you’re immersed in the Need for Speed realm. There are many different types of events, from the most basic type of sprint racing to teaming up with another player to escape the police. The game has nice graphics, lots of licensed cars, and as long as you have a good internet connection, you’ll be zooming around like a pro in no time.

Nfs World

Since Need for Speed is such a hugely popular franchise, you can imagine that you won’t be lacking in terms of playing partners. Don’t miss the ride of your life – make sure you give it a try!

Command & Conquer: Tiberium Alliances

Same principle – play for free, make things easier by paying. But there’s one major difference – Command & Conquer: Tiberium Alliances is a browser game. That means that all the action happens in a Google Chrome tab, for example.

Similar to any Tiberium game, this one is all about conquering the world and getting resources. You will, of course, harvest your own resources and build economy, but you’ll also build an army and attack other bases to conquer even more territory. Missions, yet another way of gaining resources, are also available.

Command Conquer Tiberium Wars Battle

If you’re a fan of strategy games, you know that acquiring all the upgrades necessary to build an acceptable army takes quite some time; well, in free-to-play games such as this the wait times are prolonged even more. The same can be said for wait times between other actions like attacks. If you don’t want to wait, you can pay real money to move faster.

Command Conquer Tiberium Wars Base

The great part is that you play against other like-minded people. Forums are also provided where you can create alliances and yet again conquer the world.

Bottom line

In a gaming world that’s dominated by piracy, this business model may just turn out to be a winner. And even if you’re not here to speculate about the future of gaming, these are still some pretty cool games to try out. Better yet, you can play them for free! Happy gaming!

Last updated on 03 February, 2022

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