Top 6 iPhone, iPad Apps For Designing Beautiful Posters


No matter what other people say, iPhone and iPad (especially the iPad) make for great content tools. Yes, they’re awesome at consuming content like Reddit, finding interesting things to read about, etc. But they’re just as good at creating content.

Which brings us to the topic at hand – creating a simple poster/flyer easily. This is one of those cases where doing so on the iPad is actually easier than doing it on a desktop or an online app. Anything that’s good on the desktop platform is too complicated to use. Which makes the iPad the perfect poster designing tool.

Mind you, this won’t get you anything like that famous band’s concert poster that was designed in Photoshop. No, but for normal people who just want to share something on the social media, pass along flyers locally or want to pin something up on their bedroom wall, this is more than enough. The apps listed below will help you create something beautiful in a matter of minutes.

1. Phoster

Phoster costs $1.99, but deservingly so. Two dollar is just the right spot in the paid app scale where you’re not too worried about wasting your money and are willing to pay if the app provides genuine service. And when it comes to designing posters on the iPad, Phoster really does it well.

2014 07 17 01 09 36 Border Maker

If an easy way to create beautiful posters is what you’re looking for, Phoster is exactly that. The iPad app makes it really easy to edit the preloaded templates (which are all amazing). Choose a template, add a photo if you want, change the text and font and you have a poster on your hands.

For things like small party invitations (even ones with a formal setting), posting on social media pages or just for flyers you want to pass out locally, Phoster is the best there is.

2. Poster+

Poster+ is free and only available on the iPhone. The free app gets you a generic looking poster design where you can add a square photo and text around it.

Image 2 Border Maker
Image Border Maker

There’s not much customization in the way of design templates, fonts or the size. Pretty much everything is locked up behind the paywall. You can pay a dollar to unlock filters, or $4 to unlock everything and remove ads.

3. Notegraphy

2014 07 17 01 06 26 Border Maker

Notegraphy is like Instagram for words. Just as Instagram converts your boring looking cup of coffee into something that’s envy of the people on the internet you don’t know, Notegraphy (which is available for both iPhone and iPad as a free app) does the same with boring old words.

With Notegraphy you can turn any kind of quote or sentence into a professional looking design, complete with artwork and stylish, high quality typography. Notegraphy won’t really help you in making a conventional poster but you can use it to post important or eye-catching updates to any social media pages you manage or even your personal pages (it also has a web app). It’s sure to get more attention than the text status update. And after all, isn’t that what life on internet’s all about?

4. Keep Calm Creator

No poster list is complete without a Keep Calm reference. Keep Calm Creator can help you keep calm and create any variation of the now legendary poster.

Image 4 Border Maker
Image 1 Border Maker

The app is free but all you get is the red background, the bold fonts and the ability to write a message. And to me that’s enough. You can unlock more backgrounds or fonts and disable the ads by paying for an in-app purchase.

5. TypeDrawing For iPad

2014 07 17 01 58 14 Border Maker

TypeDrawing is like WordArt for the iPad. It’s just as weird and just as fun to play around with. What you do is load up the text you want, define the fonts, size and color. But instead of typing it in a rigid box you swipe your finger across the screen and the words will take up the free form space just like a line or color would. Hence the name TypeDrawing.

At $3 the app is certainly more fun than useful. But if you’re bored of the confines of text boxes, TypeDrawing really is worth a shot.

6. Over

2014 07 17 02 06 17 Border Maker

Over is an app that allows you to add beautiful typography over a photo. It’s the big brother of Overgram, the app that was featured in my Instagram writeup. It’s marketed as an app to make beautiful photos but you can use it to create posters just as easily.

Import a background, I usually begin with something generic from a wallpaper site. Add text on top of it. Over has a sizeable collection of cool to classic fonts and even some artwork. Change color, size, placement and before you know it, you’ll have a poster to call your own.

2014 07 17 02 08 50 Border Maker

Over is two dollars on the App Store for an iPhone and iPad client and while it doesn’t have the templates like Phoster to call its own, it (and the photos it makes) has a certain cool factor that makes the app worthy.

Phoster Vs Poster+

Poster+ is only good if you’re looking for a free app to make a standard poster. For anything more I’d recommend Phoster. It has a lot more templates, is actually cheaper than Poster+ when you add up the in-app purchases and is available on both iPhone and iPad.

Last updated on 03 February, 2022

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