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Pet Lover Apps

If you love your pet or if you are planning on adopting one (or more than one) soon, then you’ll surely want to become the most informed pet owner you can be in order to provide your pet(s) with the best, healthiest lives possible.

With that in mind, here we’ve compiled a list of some really neat iPhone apps that will definitely come in handy whether you are an experienced pet owner or you are just enjoying the company of your first pet.

1. BringFido

If you love to take your dog out with you for more than a simple walk, then you’ll find BringFido a great help. The app is made to help you on those long trips with your favorite mascot, letting you find the best pet-friendly hotels along your route.

Bring Fido Main
Bring Fido Hotel Photo

That’s not all though. Besides simply showing you all surrounding pet-friendly hotels, BringFido also lets you see photos of them and even contact those hotels to book a reservation right from the app itself.

Bring Fido Call
Bring Fido Contact

2. Pet Coach

Perhaps one of the most intimidating aspects of owning a new pet, is the overwhelming amount of stuff that you need to know in order to take good care of it. In the past, taking the most responsible approach would have meant reading tons of books and calling veterinarians several times a week. Now, thankfully, Pet Coach does the heavy lifting for you by placing all that valuable information and the professionals who know it, at the tip of your fingers.

Pet Coach Form
Pet Coach Forums

The app gives you direct access to vets and trainers and the great advice that they can provide you with via forums, and you can also find the nearest pet expert right from within the app should you need one.

Pet Coach Experts
Pet Coach Advice

3. Dog Names and Cat Names

Simple as that. These two great apps (Dog Names and Cat Names) offer a very nice and varied selection of names that are both fun and creative.

Dog Names
Cat Names

Both apps let you sort names by popularity, favorite them and filter them by gender.

Pet Names Filter

4. iKibble

One of the most common mistakes that first-time dog owners can make is to start feeding their pets anything that comes across, only to find out later on (sometimes even in fatal ways) that some foods can actually be dangerous for dogs, even if they are a treat for us.

With that in mind, iKibble helps new dog owners not worry about exactly that. For this, the app provides you with a pretty extensive food database that details which food is healthy for your dog, which can be harmful and everything in between.

I Kibble Bad Foods
I Kibble Ok Foods

iKibble will let you know about how the most popular foods affect your favorite pet and it also lets you search or filter all of them by category so you can easily choose to feed your dog only good, healthy stuff.

I Kibble Search Filter

5. The Pet Pal

If you happen to have more than one pet at home, then you will love The Pet Pal app. The Pet Pal is an app designed to help you capture and keep track of all your pets, allowing you to easily remember their dislikes, feeding and walking schedules, favorite toys, allergies and such.

The Pet Pal Profile

Even better, once you have complete profiles of your pets, you can email them to a friend or anyone who you can take care of your pet when you are not around.

And there you go. Make sure to take a look at these apps even if you have just a single pet because they can prove extremely helpful and will also let you provide your pets with a better, safer life.

Last updated on 03 February, 2022

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