3 Excellent Free iPhone Apps for Video Editing, Creation

I Phone Video Creation

With the iPhone and other smartphones, great and yet simple photography has become not just popular, but actually gained true mainstream status. Photography was just the beginning though, since video has actually started to become more and more popular in recent times. And we have iOS developers continue to  create better and more intuitive video editing apps.

So if you are into video editing or creation and love to film video clips here and there with your iPhone, read along to learn about three neat, free iPhone apps that you can use to create and edit your own movies.


When it comes to useful additional features, Magisto is definitely ahead of any other video editing app. The app’s sharing and privacy options are quite robust, allowing you to share in different ways and to keep private any video, even letting you share it with specific users of your choice.

Magisto Sharing
Magisto Privacy

Magisto creates videos from your own set of videos and from photos as well. Once you select your clips or photos, the app provides you with a series of pre-set ‘styles’ that give your video a unique touch. After that you just set the video’s overall length, give it a title and you are set.

Magisto Styles
Magisto Title


What makes Animoto different from the rest of the video creation apps on this list is that Animoto is actually part of an online service.

You can create videos within the app, add your own music and title to them and more.

Animoto Main
Animoto Video Named

Being part of a service though, there are a few options that will require you to purchase a subscription ($5 a month), such as longer videos, video downloading and more video styles.

Animoto Video


Contrary to the other two apps, Lumify won’t let you use photos to create your videos, so you will have to use video clips to create them. Thankfully, this small shortcoming is balanced by the app’s Screenplays feature, which are a few sort of pre-made story settings that serve as templates to add an instant, personal touch to your movies.

Lumify Screenplay

Additionally, Lumify provides you with more than 20 filters and environment effects, as well as the option to add voiceovers which give you quite a varied set of options when creating videos. You can also save your videos to the camera roll, which is definitely convenient if you want to share it in a way that is not natively supported.

Lumify Video Almost Done
Lumify Scene

And that’s about it. Video creation is perhaps not the ideal task to tackle on an iPhone. However, while these apps might not provide a professional set of tools to do so, they do provide some great features to give your new video a pretty finished look, which is more than enough for casual creation and have some fun on the go.

Last updated on 03 February, 2022

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