How To Synchronize Windows Clock With Internet Time Server

The Windows clock, as you know, is at the bottom right of your desktop and pops up time and date information when you click on it.

If your computer is connected with internet, it automatically synchronizes time with the Windows time server. However, sometimes, the clock doesn’t show the accurate time and that could cause some issues. You could then change time manually by clicking on “change data and time settings”.

windows clock

Apart from Window’s server (, you can use any one of the servers maintained by NIST to get the time and date. To change the time server setting, click on Start button and type change time zone in the search box. Click on result.

change time zone

It opens the “Date and Time” window. You can see the current time zone. Time zone is based on your current location. If you travel frequently from one country to another then it is advisable to either use Windows additional clock setting or change the time zone according to location.

windows clock settings

Go to Internet time tab. Here you will see the synchronization settings. It displays information about last synchronization and when the next sync will happen.

Note: If it set to automatically synchronize on a scheduled basis (ex – 1:00 A.M. every Sunday) then it will not show that information.

To change the current server, click on “Change settings” button. (In screenshot below computer is set to automatically synchronize with ‘’, I applied this setting before writing this article. In your computer current server should be ‘’).

internet time windows1

Here you can choose the server. Click on drop down and the list of servers will appear. The server is the default one and is maintained by Microsoft itself. The other four servers are maintained by  National Institute of Standards and Technology in the US.

Choose any one of the given servers. All are equally recommended. Click on “Update now” button and then click on OK.

windows clock time servers

That’s it. Your Windows clock is synchronized with NIST server. It still performs synchronization once in a week as done previously by Windows default server.

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