How to Get Facebook, Twitter and Instagram In One App on iPhone

Khamosh Pathak

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Facebook, Twitter and Instagram are the default social networks for Millennials. You might use one more than the other or prefer a network for a specific form of media but most of us wind up using three different apps for browsing these three social networks.

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Wouldn’t it be great if we could get the best from this holy trinity of social media in one app? Now you can.



Hashtack is a free iPhone app that allows you to browse photos from Facebook, Twitter and Instagram in one single endless scroll. You can even add your own stream by filtering posts by hashtags. This will filter (public) posts from all three social networks.

How To Get Started

First, you’ll need to sign up for an account with Hashtack. You can do that with your email or by connecting with Facebook or Twitter.

Once you’re in, you can start connecting your social networks. If you logged in to the app using Facebook, that account is already linked. Hashtack uses iOS 7’s integrated sharing accounts to link with Facebook and Twitter so make sure your main social media profiles are linked there.

Linking Instagram is just a matter of logging in and granting Hashtack the permission to access your Instagram account.

Once you’re all set up, you’ll start seeing your feed populate.


Consuming Content

When it comes to browsing photos and just browsing photos, Hashtack provides a superior experience for Facebook and Twitter when compared to the stock apps. The Facebook mobile app has too many ads for my taste and Twitter’s app just isn’t customized to be a feed of images.

You can say a lot of Hashtack’s UI and interaction elements (right down to the button placement) is inspired from Instagram. But that’s just the looks. Hashtack adds couple of handy features that will be useful to the everyday Instagrammar. You can tap and hold to save a photo, pinch to zoom (finally) for a detailed view on that shot of exotic looking cup of coffee and of course there’s the retack button to share it on any platform, including Instagram (something else you can’t do on Instagram).

Hashtack is still in its infancy and support for viewing detailed likes, comments (and leaving comments) for Twitter and Instagram isn’t there yet. You can do all that for Facebook posts though. I hope this functionality gets added as soon as the next update.


Sharing Content


The app has a Retack button that’s basically a share button branded for the app. You have options to share any photo from any social network to Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and email. Choosing any of the options will bring up the iOS 7’s built-in sharing popup.

Creating Customized Hashtag Streams

Other than bringing you a consolidated feed of photos, Hashtack will let you create your own stream of (public) posts sorted via hashtags. That’s what the hash in Hashtack stands for.

To do so, just bring up the sidebar from the left, tap Create stream and input any hashtag text you want (without the “#”), tap save stream and you’re done.


Your new stream will be accessible by swiping right from the Hashtack homescreen.


Your Stream

How does your customized stream in Hashtack look like? Let us know in the comments below.

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