The Best (and Free) Way To Easily Share To-Do Lists

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For a lot of people, collaboration is the key to a smooth life. It can be with your business partner who’s sitting in a different continent or just you sharing the grocery list with your significant other. When it comes to work-related collaboration, there are tools galore. But something as simple as quickly sharing a grocery list doesn’t need a feature-packed tool; all it requires is the ability to share a to-do list.

If you want to share any kind of list, be it something casual with your family members or a list of tasks with your team members, take a look at Wunderlist.

What is Wunderlist?

Wunderlist is a to-do list/productivity application that has been around for years. It is free and has clients for iOS, Android, Mac, Windows, web and even for Kindle Fire devices. Chances are, if you own a device that can connect to the internet, it can run Wunderlist in one way or the other.

Getting Started With Wunderlist

All the parties involved in the process will need to have their own Wunderlist accounts. Sign up for one, download the apps and you’re ready to go.

Note: While Wunderlist is powerful and prompt when it comes to notifications, the mobile apps haven’t been updated for more than 6 months (the iPhone app still doesn’t have iOS 7 styling). A lot of users on Windows are reporting the app to be buggy and slow. I tested the web and iPhone apps and they were solid as a rock.

How To Make And Share A List

Slide in from the left on the mobile app and tap on Add a list. The option is available in the sidebar in desktop apps.

Give it a name and the list is created.

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Now you can either press and hold the list title and tap the Invite People button to share the list or from the list view, tap on the left arrow and select the invite people icon.

Now, add the emails of your team members or friends and family who use Wunderlist. It should be the email they used to sign up for the service.

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An invite to share the list will be sent to them.

How To Accept An Invite

The recipients will receive an email from which they can join a list. But you don’t need to open your mail app.

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Wunderlist has a notification system built-in and it is the best thing about this app. You’ll see a notification icon next to the Wunderlist logo in the sidebar. Tap on it to see your invites or changes. You can accept an invite right from here.

How The Sharing Works

The list sharing is really easy. Anyone can add new items, check them off, archive them, change the details – the whole nine yards.

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And all these changes will be notified to every group member. You can turn off the notifications if that gets annoying.

As I said, the notifications are the best part of this deal. They are prompt and faster than I thought they would be. They make this whole sharing process a lot easier.

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Looking At Options

If all you use are iOS devices and don’t mind paying a bit, check out an app called Silo. It costs 2 dollars each but comes highly recommended from die hard users.

Last updated on 02 February, 2022

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