5 Great, Free iPhone Apps To Aid the Disabled

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While us iPhone users know we can find just about every kind of apps for our devices, rarely we stop to consider just how broad the range of apps are and how useful they can really be.

One of the best examples of this are applications that are targeted towards the disabled, allowing iPhone owners who fall into this category to connect with others and with the world around them in ways they never thought they would.

With that, here’s a list of really cool and useful apps for the disabled that you can start using for free.

1. iComm

At its core, iComm is an app that allows users to communicate using audio and pictures, which lets people with disabilities express their needs and wishes.

I Comm Main
I Comm Categories

Upon starting the app, you are able to customize a series of category panels, each with its own set of sub-panels. Once done, the user can tell you what they want or need by just looking at the right panel and touching it. Very useful and tailored with simplicity in mind so that even very young children can use it.

I Comm Edit
I Comm Subcategories

The app also offers more functionalities (like being able to add extra categories for example) with in-app purchases, but it is perfectly usable in its free offering.

2. MarleeSigns

Just as its name might suggest, MarleeSigns is an app designed to help users learn ASL, which stands for American Sign Language. The app is free with in-app purchases, but the basic offering is quite packed with all the fundamentals of ASL.

Marlee Signs Spell
Marlee Signs Spell 2

Another nice feature that is also available free of charge are high-quality video demonstrations of some of the most important expressions of the sign language that you can even slow down to better grasp how to create signs.

Marlee Signs Basics
Marlee Signs Video

3. Braille Letters

Naturally, using a flat screen to learn braille might not seem like the best idea, but Braille Letters makes the process as smooth as it can get by offering users not just a list of all the letters that you can read in braille, but also a quiz for you to review what you learnt.

Braille Letters Main
Braille Letters Alphabet1
Braille Letters Quiz1

4. EarMachine

As unbelievable as it might sound (no pun intended), EarMachine actually turns your iPhone into a listening device. The purpose of the app is to help the elder or anyone with some trouble hearing, have a better experience listening to the surrounding sounds.

The free EarMachine accomplishes this by using your iPhone’s microphone and taking full advantage of it high sensitivity.

To use the app, first plug a pair of headphones and then use the sliders to adjust how loud and clear you want to hear the sounds.

Ear Machine Adjusted

A nice setting of EarMachine also allows users to have it tuned right for their needs depending on their gender, age and other variables, which makes it even more useful.

Ear Machine Settings 1
Ear Machine Settings 2

5. MediSafe Medication Manager

Just as you would expect from that name, MediSafe is an app that specializes in helping people who are medicated to manage their medications so they don’t forget to take a single one of them.

Medi Safe Main Screen 11
Medi Safe Main Screen 21

If you or someone you know takes a pill or two occasionally, then you might not need this app, but if the dosage involves more than one medication at a time and is frequent, then MediSafe can be a lifesaver.

Medi Safe Main Schedule1

The app is very deep and lets you customize every detail of a medication schedule, including start and end dates, days of the week to take, medicine information and more.

Medi Safe Weekly1

And there you have them. If you know someone that suffers from a disability, perhaps one of these apps can help them. And of course, don’t limit yourself to this selection. Browse the App Store and you are bound to find something useful that might help someone else.

Last updated on 03 February, 2022

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