3 Interesting Websites For TV Show, Movie Recommendations

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There’s so much new content out there. Every year hundreds of new TV shows premiere on cable television. By the end of the year, most of them are cancelled. Finding the good stuff that you actually like between all this noise can be a hard thing to do.

To make this process easier, I’ve compiled three free online tools that help you discover new awesome content based on what you’ve seen and what your interests are.

1. More TV Shows Like The One You Like

When Breaking Bad concluded last year, I was left with a void. I wanted more of this addictive drama. So the first thing I did was to Google “Shows like Breaking Bad”. And I found articles, forum posts, IMDB pages, and a lot more. I had to sort through all of that to ultimately find the shows that really were like Breaking Bad – The Wire and The Sopranos.


Thankfully, there’s a new website called Televisor that does the same thing for you. No need to spend hours researching on shows (unless that’s something you like to do).

Televisor Results

Go to the website and just enter the name of the show you like. The website will generate more shows like it that you should check out. And will even give you links to the websites where you can stream it. You can sort by genres as well.

2. Personalized Movie Recommendations with Movli

Movli‘s recommendation engine is called genome. It will start churning out personalized results after you’ve rated at least 25 movies.

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You can add a movie to the watch list. Even tell the engine how badly you want to see a movie. You can delete a movie that you never want to see. The engine will process all of that and provide you with recommendations. After you’ve rated 25 films, from the All Movies dropdown menu, select Recommended.

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You can also follow users who have the same taste in movies as you do and find new stuff that way.

3. Movies And TV Shows For Your Needs

SynopsiTV works much like Movli but here you get movies and TV shows recommendations. Start out by telling the website what you’ve already watched. The website will present a list of most popular movies. Start clicking the ones you’ve watched. Once you feel like you’ve covered a decent ground, go back to the homepage.

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It will now show the recommended movies based on the ones you marked as seen. You can further narrow the field by selecting a specific genre.

Synopsi Recc

SynonsiTV will also track the TV shows you’re interested in. So you can see which TV show has a new episode coming out this week.

Pro Tips For Finding More Awesome Stuff

Most of us enjoy three kinds of media. The mainstream media, the hip media that the mainstream is too ignorant to appreciate and then the last part is the weird/guilty pleasure media that we keep to ourselves.

You’ll see that Movli and SynopsiTV present you with the most popular movies when you start out. But they have a search function as well. So tell the engines everything you like, even the ones you consider to be weird, because the engine won’t judge you. It will even help you find more related weird stuff.

How Do You Find New Stuff

How do you find new movies and TV shows to watch? Let us know in the comments below.

Last updated on 03 February, 2022

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