Top 8 IFTTT Recipes That Make Reading on Pocket Amazing

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Pocket and IFTTT represent the best things about the internet. Open, free and extendable. You can import any type of media from any web browser to Pocket on almost every platform out there. And IFTTT (If This Then That) allows you to link one service with another and come up with automated actions.

Naturally, when you combine these two, the end result is awesomeness. If you add a lot of stuff to Pocket or even if you’re just getting started, check out the list below. By the end of the article, your Pocket experience will be supercharged.

Note: If you don’t know how to use IFTTT, first read our guide. It will only take a couple of minutes to get up and running.

1. Pocket To Evernote Or Google Drive

I use Reeder 2 (with Feedly) to scan through my RSS feeds. When I find something I want to read in peace, I send it to Pocket/Instapaper and when I find something I want to save for later, or something I need to take action on, I send it to Evernote.

IFTTT Recipe: Save a favorited item in Pocket to Evernote connects pocket to evernote

IFTTT Recipe: If new favorite item in pocket then send pdf copy to google drive connects pocket to google-drive

2. Save For Later In Feedly To Save In Pocket

If you’re into RSS, chances are you use Feedly to bring you the subscriptions. Feedly has an option to share an article to Pocket but you need to go through two menus. While the Save for Later button is right on top of any article. By using the recipe linked below, every article you save in Feedly will automatically show up in Pocket.

IFTTT Recipe: Articles saved for later in Feedly get saved for later in Pocket too connects feedly to pocket

3. YouTube Or Vimeo Videos To Pocket

Ever since YouTube removed the 10 minute limit, the website has become a lot more entertaining. You can watch a 3 hour debate on Evolution vs Creationism, all sorts of documentaries or a one hour comedy special from your favorite stand up comic. But if you don’t have the time to watch something the moment you come across it, the recipes below will help you out. 

IFTTT Recipe: Mark Watch Later on YouTube and save it to Pocket! connects youtube to pocket

After activating the YouTube recipe, clicking the Watch Later button on a video will send it to Pocket where you can watch the video from any device running the Pocket app.

IFTTT Recipe: Mark Watch Later on Vimeo and save it to Pocket! connects vimeo to pocket

4. RSS Feeds To Pocket

There are all kinds of websites in this world. Some that post multiple times a day and some that post one awesome article a week. If you use RSS, you know how easy it is to lose slow feed websites in the midst of high volume ones. If you know you’re going to read a new article from your favorite slow publishing site, why not just import every new article directly to Pocket? Use the recipe below and add the website’s RSS feed to get started. 

IFTTT Recipe: Add new items from an RSS Feed to Pocket connects feed to pocket

5. Keep Pocket And Instapaper In Sync (For Kindle Users)

If you’re like me who has a Kindle, you know Instapaper is your best shot at reading articles from the web on your Kindle. I’ve written an in-depth guide on how to do that. But that doesn’t mean you need to switch from Pocket to Instapaper for the devices that do have Pocket apps. Just use this recipe and you’ll never have to log in or share to Instapaper ever again. All your Pocket articles will be synced to Instapaper and then to your Kindle.

IFTTT Recipe: Save new Pocket items to new Instapaper for Kindle connects pocket to instapaper

6. A New Article From Wikipedia To Pocket Everyday

Knowledge is important. More so is knowing more today than you did the day before. What better place to learn something new than Wikipedia? Use one of these recipes to send the feature article from Wiki or just a random article to your pocket queue everyday.

IFTTT Recipe: Place a random Wikipedia article in Pocket daily #learn #wikipedia connects date-time to pocket

IFTTT Recipe: Wikipedia Featured Article of the Day - data-lazy-src=

7. Fav Tweets Sent To Pocket

A lot of users get their news from Twitter now. For some people, Twitter has successfully replaced RSS. But not everything you find on Twitter can be read at the same moment. After activating this recipe, when you favorite a tweet that has a linked article, it will automatically show up to your Pocket queue. 

IFTTT Recipe: Save links from favorite tweets to Pocket! connects twitter to pocket

8. The Best Of New York Times In Pocket

NYT Tech is one of the best places on the internet to find quality tech journalism. And the website provides a lot more categories. Using the recipe below, you can have the best NYT Tech stories delivered to your Pocket queue automatically (don’t forget to select Tech from the categories section).

IFTTT Recipe: Add popular #Technology articles from the #NYT to my #Pocket. connects the-new-york-times to pocket

Bonus: Making Your Own Recipes

IFTTT has recipes for almost every task imaginable. But they are generalized. So once you’re accustomed to how IFTTT works, I suggest you try and create your own recipes. You can use triggers from one service to invoke action in another.

Here’s an example: Tagging an article “Ever” in Pocket sends it to Evernote.

Play around with IFTTT and you’ll be creating amazing recipes in no time. And of course, when it comes to IFTTT you’re not just limited to Pocket. There are a lot of channels out there.

Show Us Your Recipe

Have you created a custom recipe you’re particularly proud of? It doesn’t have to be limited to Pocket. Share it with us in the comments below.

Last updated on 03 February, 2022

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