Dial’em All for Android: Search Con­tacts and Apps Simul­ta­ne­ous­ly from the Dialer

Ashish Mundhra

I love the concept of using a T9 dialer to quickly access all my contacts on Android, and for the same reasons I talked about an app to get the similar T9 dialer feature on an iPhone. While searching, T9 makes it easier to enter the letters on the mobile device when compared to a qwerty keyboard. And for the same reason, we talked about an app called the T9 App Dialer that applies the same concept to search for apps.

T9 Keypad

However, if you are using this app, you’ll end up using two different dialers on your homescreen. The first one is the default contact dialer app we all use to make calls and the second is a simple T9 dialer to search and launch apps without fishing for it in the cluttered app drawer.

So to refine things a bit, I will talk about an all new Android app called Dial’em All that combines all the T9 search requirements in a single app. Let’s have a look.

Dial’em All  for Android

After you install and launch the app, it will show you a simple T9 dialer with a black screen on top of it. All you need to do now is press the buttons on the T9 app which combine to form the keyword you are searching for. The app uses simple write ahead search which matches keywords as you type and shows you the result in real-time. The app searches through both contacts and apps on the device and gives a combined result on the screen.

Dial Them All Results

When it comes to apps, you can just tap on any one of them and launch it. You can also uninstall the app with a long tap on the app icon. You just need to confirm to the popup box before the process is executed. Apart from the apps, you can also dial contacts. The app will dial the default number configured for the contact once you tap on the name. If it’s an email contact, you will be redirected to your default mail app to compose an email.

Uninstall Callers

If you wish to directly dial a number from your memory, just enter it into the app and tap on the number to dial. The app provides haptic feedback option in the settings, but it only works when you make an app or a contact selection.

The normal key tap on T9 keyboard doesn’t provide any feedback. There are 5 color themes you can choose for the T9 keypad from the settings menu, but the background is hardcoded in black color.


The app comes in free and paid version. The free version of the app displays ads at the top of the dialer with no limitations in features. If you really like the app, I would recommend you to go for the paid version of the app and reclaim the screen real estate wasted by the ads on the app. The pro version of the app costs US$ 2.00.


The app is very useful if you are addicted to the T9 keypad for searching. The fact that the app combines both apps and contacts makes it better than other similar apps. The app is in its early stages of development and a lot of work is needed before it can compete with our default Android dialers in both looks and features. Still it’s worth trying out.

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