3 Handy, Little-Known Tips To Save Time On Word for Mac

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Despite alternative word processors for Mac users like Apple’s iWork Suite, a lot of us still use MS Word for Mac either occasionally or as our default app for different reasons. However, contrary to Pages, which is definitely a simpler, more streamlined app, Word for Mac sports a number of powerful and extremely useful features that, sadly, are not obvious to the average user.

Here, let’s take a look at three of them that are really handy and that can save you lots of time if you use Word for Mac even somewhat frequently.

1. Integrated Multi-language Dictionary and Other Reference Tools

How many times you’ve been writing an essay or an important document and you wished you could find variations or definitions to words? Well, one of the coolest and least-known features of Word for Mac is meant just for this. It is an integrated panel with a few really useful reference tools for writers, including a dictionary, a thesaurus, and even a bilingual dictionary and a translation tool, both of which support up to 13 different languages. To access this panel, simply press Shift + F7 while on Word, highlight a word and you are set.

Word For Mac Reference Tools

2. Use ‘Spike’ To Group the Text You Cut

While the Spike feature in Word has been present for a while, it is quite surprising how few Word users know about it.

In a nutshell, the Spike feature lets you cut different pieces of text from your document, and preserves the order in which you cut them. Then, once you are done cutting words, it allows you to paste all of them to a new location in the same order in which you cut them.

This is a great feature if you, say, are studying a document and would like to create a summary of it with its most important snippets.

Word For Mac Spike Cuts

To use Spike, simply select any word or group of words you want to cut from your document and press Command + F3. You can use that shortcut as many times as necessary. Once you are done, press Command + Shift + F3 to paste it all together.

3. Sentence Selection

If you use Word for Mac frequently, then you surely know that you can select any word by double-clicking on it, or an entire paragraph by triple-clicking anywhere on it.

But what about selecting only a single sentence? Well, actually you can easily do that in Word for Mac by just holding down the Command key while clicking once anywhere on a sentence. Pretty neat.

Word For Mac Sentence Selection

Bonus Tip: Get Rid Of Word’s Toolbar With One Click

Let’s be honest: One of the most cumbersome elements or Word for Mac is that every window carries a quite busy toolbar on its top part. The problem is, though, that not only it takes space, but also you won’t be using it that often really.

Thankfully, the guys at Microsoft thought about this and now you can toggle this toolbar on and off by simply clicking on the small upward arrow to the far right of it.

Word For Mac Toolbar On
Word For Mac Toolbar Off

And there you go. If Word for Mac is one of your go-to applications for working with text, remember these tips next time you use it, they’ll definitely come in handy.

Last updated on 03 February, 2022

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