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Crazy Snowboard

After racing games, snowboarding/skiing games are my most favorite. No matter if it’s a 2D or a 3D game, building up combo points in a snowboarding game is always fun. Here are the top 4 snowboarding games that I enjoy the most.

1. iStunt 2

My affair with iStunt started way back with the first version of the game, couple of years ago. Back then, there were levels less than my fingers and toes, and the mechanism didn’t depend as much on the accelerometer/gyroscope. At the expense of sounding like an old gamer, things were simpler back then. But now, with a lot more than a couple dozen levels, upgrades to gear and high res graphics, things in the iStunt area are better than ever.

Screenshot 2014 05 15 13 27 39 Border Maker
Screenshot 2014 05 15 13 27 31 Border Maker

You’ve got different themes now, stages, and the levels are far more complicated and far more fun to beat. For a lot of people, iStunt was the stepping stone to snowboarding games on the smartphone, and version 2 stays true to the winning pedigree of the 2D platformer, giving us more of what we already loved.

Of course, iStunt is nothing without its stunts. With the new version, you’ve got a lot more flexibility and control over your jumps and landings.

2. Crazy Snowboard

If there’s one thing crazy about Crazy Snowboard, is its crazy controls. There’s too much you can do here. A lot of gestures for different combos, not to mention the default onscreen controls. But once you get past the overwhelming number of swipes it takes to get that perfect score, you start enjoying this game for what it is. A 3D snowboarding game with graphics straight out of a PS 2 game.

Screenshot 2014 05 15 13 30 12 Border Maker
Screenshot 2014 05 15 13 29 29 Border Maker

3. Ski Safari

After Jetpack Joyride, Ski Safari (totally worth the $0.99) was the second most addicting endless game for me. It is ridiculously simple and works smoothly on any kind of hardware.

Ski Safari Collect Coins

The great thing about this game is that it has been out for quite a while but unlike something like Temple Run 2 or Angry Birds, the game hasn’t added silly features or modes, or small additions just for the sake of updates or to get more installs. The game is still pure. And I like it for that.

4. Snowstorm

Snowstorm is much like Crazy Snowboard only with a bit worse controls. By default, the turn controls are on the either side of the screen, and if you have something like a Nexus 5, with software navigation keys, your fingers will eventually slip and instead of turning into the slide, you’ll end up exiting the app. You don’t want that. So just go into the settings and change direction buttons from onscreen controls to accelerometer.

Screenshot 2014 05 14 16 30 41 Border Maker

Other than that, it’s a simple game with power ups, a guy draped in 31 layers of clothing and a lot of snow, the snowboarding game of your dreams.

Last updated on 03 February, 2022

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