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If you are a photography aficionado or simply like to take large numbers of pictures with your iPhone’s camera, then there’s no lack of camera apps on the App Store to choose from. But with all those candidates out there, it is important to know exactly which ones provide the most features and useful options.

That’s why in this entry we’ll take a look at Fotor, a camera/photo editing app that comes with a few novel features that are sure to appeal to all iPhone photo enthusiasts.

Let’s take a look at it.

Custom Collages

From the first screen of the app, Fotor gives you the option to choose between taking pictures, editing them, creating a photo collage or simply accessing your photo box, which is the section within the app that houses all the pictures you imported, edited or shot with it.

Fotor Main1

We just mentioned that Fotor offers a few novel features, and while creating photo collages is nothing new to photo apps, Fotor provides an unprecedented level of customization to this feature. So much so that it guarantees its own menu option on the app’s main screen.

The collage creator first prompts you to select a template for your future masterpiece. Then, as expected, you have to assign photos for each of the collage’s frames. Where it gets interesting though, is that you can then resize each of the frames as you see fit, and you can even resize and rearrange each of the photos within them independently.

Fotor Collage Choose
Fotor Collage Chosen

On top of that, you can also customize your collage’s frame by selecting from different designs, border widths and even corner roundness, shadows and more, which results in pretty unique, personalized collages.

Fotor Collage Frame 1
Fotor Collage Frame 2
Fotor Collage Done

Versatile Camera

As with the rest of the app, the camera within Fotor is abound with options. You can choose to use a square frame, a stabilizer (to improve the quality of the resulting pictures when shooting in motion) and even a timer.

Fotor Camera Options 1
Fotor Camera Options 2

Additionally, you can also select from a variety of professional grids to help you take care of the composition and shoot the best photos possible in any scenario.

Fotor Camera Grids 1
Fotor Camera Grids 2

Transforming Your Photos

Personally, I consider the editing feature the strongest aspect of Fotor if only for the sheer amount of editing options the app offers users (some of these options are available via a $0.99 in-app purchase).

Fotor lets you enhance your photos in different ways, as well as allowing you to apply various kinds of filters to them.

Fotor Enhance Before
Fotor Enhance After

Next, you can use the FX Effects option, which plays as a richer, more advanced set of filters.

Fotor Fx

In addition to that, basic editing options such as flipping your image vertically or horizontally and cropping it are easily accessible. The neat aspect of Fotor is the availability and depth of other options, such as the ability to add borders to your photos, to tilt-shift them, to crop them in different pre-set aspect ratios and to personalize them by adding text and other elements.

Fotor Additional Options
Fotor Additional Editing Options
Fotor Enhance Frame
Fotor Enhance Text

On top of that, you can also add ‘stickers’ to your photos, giving them a really personal (and sometimes funny) touch. There are several stickers available by default within the app, but you can also purchase more if you want to.

Fotor Enhance Sticker 1
Fotor Enhance Sticker 2

Regarding this last part, just the text and sticker options of Fotor make the app worth checking out, since entire apps are based on these alone.

Yet Fotor offers users much more, and the app’s variety of options available by default make its in-app purchases necessary only but for the most thorough photo enthusiasts. So if you like to have a ton of customization options for your photos (and turn them into funny memories as well), there’s nothing you can lose by trying out Fotor.

Last updated on 03 February, 2022

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