Top 5 Android Apps For Finding Flat, Minimal Wallpapers

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Wallpapers play a big part in the Android customization process. It’s the thing you’re going to look at when you press the power button for the hundred and fifty-sixth time that day to see what time it is. It is the thing you’ll be looking at when you can’t make up your mind about which news reading app to launch that evening (we’ve all been there.. ok, well, at least nerds like me have).

We’ve told you about 3 cool apps to find amazing high quality wallpapers, the apps that carry a library of 1000s of photos. But in this article, we are taking a more curated approach, sacrificing on quantity for quality.

Look at the web, or iOS 7 or even Android Kitkat, it is clear that this is the time to go flat and minimal. Check out these 5 apps that provide the same treatment for your wallpaper.

1. Muzei

You can’t talk about wallpapers without talking about Muzei. The ever so extensible app from the developer of DashClock widget that allows you to add different sources for switching wallpapers automatically from time to time.


To make the deal even sweeter, the images are blurred and dimmed (giving them a more minimal look). You can adjust the scale in settings but this provides a bit of depth to your homescreen. The icons pop out and are clearly visible instead of blending in with the wallpaper.

We’ve already told you about the top 10 plug-ins for Muzei. They will provide you with new amazing wallpapers every day. But if you are still looking for more, feel free to search through the Play Store.

Bonus: Check out Muzei: plug-in which brings you awesome wallpapers from website.

2. Minimal Wallpapers

When it comes to truly minimal wallpapers, Minimal Wallpapers is the best app for Android. It is a free, ad-supported app that only allows you to save one image at a time (saving a new image overwrites the previous one) but the collection of wallpapers is truly impressive.

Screenshot 2014 04 28 11 56 05
Screenshot 2014 04 28 11 55 55

Browse the wallpapers by using the picker at the bottom of the screen. Like something? Just hit Set Wallpaper. Save Wallpaper will send a copy to the gallery.

3. FlatWallpapers

FlatWallpapers is an app customized for Android 4.4 Kitkat. The app itself is flat and beautiful.

Here, the wallpapers are minimal but not in the strict sense. They are not overly bright or glittery (loud, some might say) but at the same time they are full of color and personality. All the wallpapers are 2048 px so they will look right at home on your Nexus 10, as much as they do on your Nexus 5. Even the app’s logo makes for a good wallpaper. (Muzei plug-in comes installed with the app)

Screenshot 131

Think about iOS 7. This app curates the wallpaper equivalent of iOS 7.

4. Pattern Wallpaper

Pattern Wallpaper (not to be confused with another app called Pattern Wallpapers) brings starry eyed patterns to your Android homescreen.

Screenshot 2014 04 28 13 59 47
Screenshot 2014 04 28 14 00 21

Fancy living in the past? Wish 17th century carpet makers from Eastern Europe designed your Android homescreen? You’re in luck.

5. Paranoid Android

Few months back, when I went on a custom ROM adventure, trying different ROMs on for size, I fell on love with Paranoid Android for many reasons. The bundled wallpapers were just one of them.

Yes, wallpapers are hardly something to get excited about in a custom ROM which offers awesome features like Pie Launcher. But when a ROM invests so much time and creative energy into designing amazing wallpapers for their ROM, you know they really care. I’m glad they are still going strong.

Screenshot 2014 04 28 12 14 26
Screenshot 2014 04 28 21 54 57

Side note: Paranoid Android is re-inventing itself with PA 4.0 and the wallpapers for the showcase come from an app called Facets. It is a paid app ($0.99) but the wallpapers are truly majestic.

About the wallpapers, there are only nine of them here. But each one of them is a work of art. Nothing is Real (image at top) might be my favorite wallpaper of all time.

You can download the wallpapers from anywhere on the internet, but if you want to get the original feel, go with the app. After installing the app, long-press on the homescreen, and select ParanoidWallpapers to browse the collection.

Screenshot 2014 04 28 21 54 43

Your Wall

What’s currently painted on your Android wall? Let us know in the comments below.

Top image via Benjamin Kaiser

Last updated on 03 February, 2022

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