Customize Android Share Menu, Share With Multiple Apps

When compared to the iPhone, Android has always had significantly better intra-app sharing features or the share menu as it is called. For example, if you see a photo on your Facebook timeline that you want to share with a friend on WhatsApp, normally an iPhone user would have to save the photo to the album and then open WhatsApp to send it manually. Not on Android.

Android Sharing

Android uses a much smarter way. In an app, the user just needs to look for the share button, tap on it and select the app he wants to share the photo with. The Android ecosystem takes care of everything else.

When you access the share menu on your Android smartphone, you see a list of apps that support intra-app sharing. The list keeps on increasing as you install more apps that support the function, and most of them we tend to never use.

So, once the list grows, each time you need to share something you need to wade through a hoard of apps before you reach the one you need.

Want to save that time and make your sharing experience on Android better? Want to customize the Android share menu and even share with multiple apps easily? Read on.

Andmade Makes Sharing Easy and Productive on Android

Andmade Share is an interesting app that overtakes the Android sharing system and empowers the user to customize it for his needs. After you install the app and launch it, it will give you a quick tutorial of what all can be done with the app.

Select the Hidden Apps settings to list all the apps on your device that support sharing. Now all you need to do is check the one you wish to exclude from the list.

Andmade Share
Hidden Apps

Having done that, just open an app and select something you wish to share. A system popup box will ask you to select a default app for the action. Select Andmade Share and tap the Always option.

Now select the app you want to share with and press the share button. You will notice that the list will not contain the app you excluded from Andmade sharing settings and takes less time.

Complete Action Using
Sharing Options

Share With Multiple Apps

Another great thing about the app is the ability to share one item with multiple apps. To understand it better, let’s say there’s a photo on Facebook you wish to share with friends on WhatsApp and BBM. Normally you would share the photos one by one. However, with Andmade share you can select multiple apps by selecting them and tapping the share button.

Andmade share will first invoke BBM from the list and help you share your photos, and once you press the back button, it will not go back to Facebook but redirect you to WhatsApp for the second sharing and so on and so forth.

Refined Sharing List

That was all you can do with the free version. The pro version that costs $1.99 gives you some added features like grouping of apps other than the good old alphabetical order and fast sharing option. Might be worth it depending on how much and how often you share.


If you have the habit of sharing stuff between your apps, I am sure you will find Andmade Share pretty useful. Share menu customization hasn’t been done well by apps yet, and this might just be the first one which gets it. If you use some other that you think is better, do let us know.

Top Photo Credit: GoodNCrazy

Last updated on 03 February, 2022

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