4 Features That Make MX Player Best Android Video Player

While reviewing KMPLayer for Android, which was launched just a month back, I realized that I compared it to MX Player frequently. That resulted in me taking a fresh look at MX Player, one of my favorite video player apps. I compared it with other players in the market and concluded that it brings in some useful features to the table that none of the video player apps provide.

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So, this post is going to be about MX player and what makes it the best video player on Android Play Store. Long time GT readers might recall our post on top Android video players where we showered praises on MX Player. Well, this time we’ll be more precise with our praises and explore its amazing features in detail.

Let’s dive in!

1. Amazing Playback Features

MX Player can play almost any video file you throw at it.

Compared to stock player which only supports 3GPP, MPEG-4 and WebM formats, MX Player supports over 10 different video media file formats, which include AVI, FLV, MKV and MOV (these being some of the most used video playback formats not supported by the stock player).

Furthermore, if you own a device with decently good hardware processing speed, you can even play full HD videos using MX Player. Just make sure you are using a Class 6 memory card and above.


The player also supports hardware and software decoding and you can toggle the decoder even while watching the video. Generally, if you are watching a video on hardware decoder, it will use less device battery and buffering will also be fast. However, if the video file is not supported by hardware, you can switch to software decoding. The strain on the battery will be more, but the video quality will make up for it.

Cool Tip: Did you know you can play a video in background using the MX Player. Just long tap the Play button until a small play logo appears in the left hand side where you can press the home button to let the video play as music file in the background.

2. Subtitle Support

I love watching my video files with subtitles, if available, and MX player provides me a way to do it with ease. In the MX Player you can manually browse for a subtitle file in your memory card and link it to the video file. It’s not necessary to place the subtitle file in the video folder with the same name of that of the file.

Mx Player Subtitle

Almost all the subtitle formats are supported by the player and once can even sync them manually using the swipe gestures.

You can drag and drop the subtitle on the screen to change its position and pinch to zoom to change the font size. All this while watching the video in parallel. MX Player even supports clear text which is a feature tough to find in other video players on Android.

Mx Subtitle

3. Audio Boost

Mx Player Volume Boost

Do you love the 200% audio boost in VLC which help when the audio tracks are not very audible? Well, if you are playing a similar video on the MX Player, there’s nothing you need to worry about. With software decoder enabled, a user can boost the video volume to 200%. However the user should make sure that he does not spoil his device speakers in the process (meaning, don’t do it too often, and rather search for a version of video with better audio).

4. Play Network Streams

The playback in MX Player is not just limited to local files you have saved in your phone’s memory, but you can also play network streams. The video playback is automatically launched when you click on a video link in the Android web browser. Alternatively, you can give the direct URL of the page you would like to buffer using the video player.

Network Stream

On the other hand, if you are on a limited connection with restricted bandwidth, you can even disable the auto playback of network video files from your browser.


Those were some of the cool features of MX player, and there’s actually much more to it. The amazing swipe gesture features make sure you have a smooth user experience and there’s child lock to ensure your kid doesn’t do anything he is not supposed to while you leave him alone with the Android device to watch some videos.

Screenshot 2014 04 18 21 58 28

The only problem is that the app is ad-supported and they pop up in the video list view and when the video is paused. However, if you can ignore this minor inconvenience, it’s best in its class.

So try out the app today and let us know what you think about it. If you think MX Player has a worthy rival we don’t know about, we’d be more than happy to hear about it.

Top Photo Credit: colin.brown

Last updated on 03 February, 2022

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